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Joey And Kariselle Married: Is Joey and Kariselle Still Together? Did Joey and Kariselle Get Married? Check Full Details About Their Relationship

The participant of the reality dating show Perfect match’s couple Joey and Kariselle Married, or not? Learn here.

Who is Joey Sasso? Who is Kariselle Snow? Do you watch the Netflix series Perfect Match? If you want to know if they are still together, follow the article on Joey and Kariselle Married. People from Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom want every detail about the topic. So, sit back, relax and read this article.


Details About The Trending Topic

The show “Perfect Match” on Netflix was aired in 2023, and in its finale, Joey and Kariselle got engaged. The audience loved the couple as they had been together since the show started. Throughout the show, both talk about their relationship’s ups and down. Recently some posts uploaded by the couple fuelled their breakup rumours among fans. While Kariselle was spotted singing a sad song, on the other hand, Joey was seen without his engagement ring in a live session video. 

Is Joey and Kariselle Still Together?

The answer to this question is unclear as none has officially announced anything. The show was filmed last year in 2022. Thus we cannot say if they are still together. Even after their breakup rumours, the couple is not releasing any statements. It is also suspected that Joey might be dating his friend and a model after his alleged breakup with Kariselle. 

In the show, Snow even exclaims many times that she is the one who has given her everything for their relationship, and Joey never really cares. Their relationship lacked commitment. So, the answer to the question, is Joey and Kariselle Married? It isn’t easy.

Disclaimer: There is no definite evidence that they had broken up. The article explained the trending rumours.

What Happened?

Joey proposed to Kariselle by going on his knee on the show. He explained to her how important she was to him. They initially posted lovey-dovey pictures on their Instagram, but now they both were seen without their rings in some photos. People assumed that they both got married when they posted their cute pictures. But now people are again asking about their relationship. 

In the show’s premiere, Kariselle said that she saw Joey in ‘The Circle’, and then she tried to reach out to him through DMs. In 2020 she then visited him in LA. Since then, they have been dating but Did Joey and Kariselle Get Married unknown?


This article addressed the trending questions about the Perfect Match couple, Joey and Kariselle. It appears that they break up with each other. Their social media posts hinted at their breakup as they did not wear their engagement rings. But nothing is clear as they both have kept their personal life private after the show aired in 2023. Read about the Perfect match show here.

Have you watched the show? Do tell your reviews. 

Updates on Joey and Kariselle Married: FAQs

Q1. Who is Joey Sasso?

A1. Joey grew up in New York, and he is a TV personality.

Q2. Who is Kariselle Snow?

A2. Kariselle is also a reality TV show star.

Q3. In which show did Joey and Kariselle are together?

A3. In the show ‘Perfect Match’ released on Netflix, they both are together as a couple. And they exchanged rings on the show.

Q4. Why are they trending?

A4. Some pictures posted by Kariselle and Joey suggested their breakup because they were not wearing their engagement rings.

Q5. Are Joey and Kariselle Married?

A5. Maybe or maybe not. Because nothing has been announced officially.

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