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Joe Rogan Cobalt Mining: How Is It Dangerous? Checkout Unknown Facts Here!

The below article aims to provide information about Joe Rogan Cobalt Mining, and how it can be dangerous.

Have you ever seen the Joe Rogan show? One of Joe Rogan’s guests told the public about the harsh reality behind the mining of Cobalt in “The Joe Rogan Experience.”

People from Canada, the United States, Australia, and other countries want to know all the things that the guest was talking about and if he was correct about them. So, keep up with this article to know all about Joe Rogan Cobalt Mining.


What happened on the show with Joe Rogan?

During the podcast show Joe Rogan, and his guest, Siddhartha Kara, told him and the audience about the dark side of Cobalt Mining and all the truth behind it. He uncovers the truth about how there is no clean Cobalt and how the people from Congo are suffering while working in the Cobalt Mines.

He told on the show that everything is for marketing and that all the Congo Mines have relied on slavery and child labor.

How Is Cobalt Mining Dangerous?

Cobalt Mining enhances the violence, mental health, and physical health challenges of the miners, water and food insecurity of Congo, and substance abuse.

Because of the marketing and increase in the demand for Cobalt, Congolese people face the issue regarding their homes, farmland, and communal land, which miners dug up to extract Cobalt. Sometimes these people are forced to cross international borders and go to Zambia to purchase food.

How did the people react to the Joe Rogan Cobalt Mining Podcast show?

After the show came out, people started sharing and tweeting about it on the social media platform, and in the blink of an eye, this topic got all the attention. People thanked Siddharth Kara for highlighting this important topic and speaking up against abuse.

People ask for device alternatives that should be properly sourced and reflect the real cost.

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Final Verdict

The truth that Siddharth Kara told on the Podcast was reality, and the high demand for the technology seems to be one of the main reasons behind this mess.

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How Is Cobalt Mining Dangerous (FAQs)

1-Who is Siddharth Kara?

A- He is a Harvard visiting professor and a modern slavery activist.

2-What is the percentage of Cobalt produced in DRC?

A- 70%

3- What is the main reason behind the demand for Cobalt?

A-Cobalt is used in every single lithium rechargeable battery, which has become the main reason behind the exceptionally high demand for Cobalt.

4- When did the Joe Rogan Cobalt Mining podcast come out?

A- His Podcast came out last week

5-In which technology is Cobalt used?

A- Cobalt is used in every Laptop, Every smartphone, every tablet, and electronic vehicle.

6- Why is Congo facing problems rather than any other country?

A- Congo has the Cobalt and then the rest of the planet combined, which is why it has become the target of a geopolitical conflict.

7- Is there any book related to the Joe Rogan Cobalt Mining episode?

ASiddharth Kara’sCobalt Red: How The Blood of The Congo Powers Our Lives relates to the same topic.

8-Is there any chance of the mineshaft collapsing?


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