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Jock Zonfrillo Cause of Death Cancer: Who Will Replace Him? Details On Funeral Book!

Get complete details on Jock Zonfrillo Cause of Death Cancer news and know Who Will Replace Him in the trending show along with his Funeral & Book details.

Have you heard the shocking death news of Chef Jock Zonfrillo? What was the actual case for his death? 

The write-up will solve all the queries of the keen readers. Also, people from the United Kingdom are eager to know the reason behind his death. Therefore, to find out more on Jock Zonfrillo Cause of Death Cancer news, read the blog until close.

Jock Zonfrillo Cause of Death Cancer News! 

The sudden death of an Australian entertainment industry personality shook his beloved fans and family. Chef Jock Zonfrillo suddenly died from cancer while shooting for the renowned cooking show MasterChef. After his sudden demise, several questions arose about Who Will Replace Jock Zonfrillo in the cooking show. 

How did Jock Zonfrillo Die?

The source states that Jock died of bowel cancer, which was detected back in 2021 around June. Sources also claimed that Jock was silently battling cancer for many years. 46 on 30th April 2023. Police found him dead in his hotel room in North Melbourne one morning. He passed away at the age of.

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Who Will Replace Jock Zonfrillo?

After Jock’s sudden demise, the main question arose about who will replace him for the on-going MasterChef show. According to an Australian magazine, Jamie Oliver is set to retplace Jock Zonfrillo after his tragic death. Further, sources state that Oliver signed the deal for MasterChef after negotiation of $2 million. The authorities say Oliver’s place in the show won’t be permanent.

Jock Zonfrillo Funeral!

A few close friends and family attended the funeral of Jock Zonfrillo. His family held an intimate funeral in Sydney. TV chefs like Gary Mehigan, Colin Fassnidge, George Calombaris, and Nigella Lawson attended his funeral. Sources state that Jock’s coffin was covered with a Royal Banner of Scotland. His four kids and Jock’s MasterChef colleagues Andy Allen and Melissa also stayed present for Jock Zonfrillo Funeral.

Brief About Jock Zonfrillo!

Famous personality Jock Zonfrillo born on 4th August 1976 was a Chef, Restaurateur and Tv Host by Profession. He was also the Judge for the popular TV show MasterChef Australia. He owned several restaurants and loved his passion for cooking.

Jock Zonfrillo Book!

Zonfrillo wrote his biography in a book named The Last Shot. The book states his life journey from a reckless addict to Australia’s top chef. The book mentions his struggles and inspires many to chase their dream. 

Jock was first involved in addiction around the 1980s. Later, he lost his job as a chef at a Michelin-star Restaurant in England. Jock Zonfrillo Book further states that in 1999 Jock took his Last Shot of addictive substance. Then, he stepped towards the new beginnings of his life.

Zonfrillo’s Married Life! 

Jock tied Knot for three times in his lifetime. His first wife was Kelly, and the marriage ended due to his addiction habits. His second marriage didn’t last for his work life and commitments. Finally, he married Lauren in 2017 and welcomed two children together.

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The Jock Zonfrillo Cause of Death Cancer news is quite saddening and unfortunate. We share our deep condolences with his friends and family. Also, for more updates on the sudden death of Jock Zonfrillo, watch the video now. 

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