Complete Information Job Opportunities and Cloud Architect Salary for Professional Certificate Holders

Job Opportunities and Cloud Architect Salary for Professional Certificate Holders

If you have chosen to become an expert in cloud applications. A Cloud Architecture Certification can impact your career opportunities. Because more people are looking for qualified cloud architects, the market value of their services has increased. So now is a great time to start a career as a cloud architect. 

If you have questions about a cloud architect’s salary or the highest-paying cloud architect jobs, this article will help and guide you. Let us see what cloud architect jobs you have earned for yourself with the certification. But before that, let us start with a little understanding of cloud computing.

Cloud computing has revamped every sector on the global platform by reducing overall operating costs and improving efficiency. With a pay-as-you-use model, cloud computing services have delivered state-of-the-art technology and tools that have driven many IT companies toward better performance. So, instead of buying, owning, and maintaining a physical space for traditional servers, cloud services deliver different services through the internet.

The Cloud Architect certification promises professionals as it turns their skills into success and helps organizations achieve their goals. But, many factors are responsible for a cloud architect’s salary—for example, company, experience, location, education, etc. 

Let us discuss these factors in brief. 

Factors affecting a Cloud Architect’s salary

Let us look at the various factors that affect a cloud architect’s job salary:

  • Experience

As you move up the career ladder with a professional certification from AWS, Google, or Microsoft Azure, the number of years of experience counts. With hands-on experience comes strong experience in leadership, technical skills, and collaboration abilities. 

  • An Entry-level Solution Cloud Architect professional with one year of experience can earn up to $90,607 annually.
  • A mid-level Solutions Architect professional with 2-4 years of experience can earn up to $1,18,302 annually.
  • A senior professional experienced with more than 10 years in the field of cloud computing with a professional certificate can earn an average compensation of $146,628 annually.
  • Industry sector

As we mentioned, cloud computing services are adopted by most industries worldwide. So, cloud architect job opportunities are not only limited to IT companies; it has their presence in healthcare, finance, insurance, hospitality, manufacturing, real estate, etc. 

Companies hiring skilled cloud architect professionals are willing to offer higher compensation to improve their operations. 

  • Skill and education

One of cloud architects’ most robust hiring criteria is the professionals’ skill set and educational background. Employers and hiring managers look for various basic and advanced skills, including familiarity with Python, in-depth knowledge of professional tools, interpersonal skills, etc. This gives a competitive edge in attracting lucrative salaries. 

  • A mid-level professional with Machine Learning skills earns an average compensation of $129,000 annually. 
  • At the same time, a professional skilled in Python can earn up to $125,000 annually. 
  • The average salary of a Solutions Architect with Big Data Analytics Skills can earn up to 1,26,213 annually.

Professionals are expected to have a background in computer science, electrical engineering, or some other IT field to set them apart from newcomers. Some companies also hire candidates with a Master’s degree. 

  • Employer

Some top companies, like Apple, Google, and Amazon, will compensate more for a cloud architect than other companies. For example, an AWS-certified cloud architect will earn $142,456 annually. 

After reading this, you should know better what to expect financially as a certified cloud architect. Now moving on to cloud architect job opportunities that may come your way.

Top paying jobs opportunities for Cloud Architects

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Here is a list of jobs cloud architects can get based on which of AWS, Microsoft, and Google’s online certifications they have. 

  • Cloud Developer

A cloud developer is one of the most in-demand jobs. The main role of a cloud developer is to have a solid understanding of how cloud systems operate with little or no downtime. With significant knowledge in software development and AWS platform professionals, you can go one up in your career with a certificate. 

  • Network & Cloud Architect

The IT professionals are responsible for monitoring the network using the latest tools. They are also responsible for designing, planning, and organizing the company’s overall cloud computing infrastructure and strategy.

The average base salary of a network architect is $1,20,985. 

  • Cloud Security Analyst

The basic role of a cloud security analyst is to safeguard their client’s cloud accounts from unauthorized access, encryption, and protection of cloud-based data assets. A certified cloud security candidate will keep up to date with cyber security threats and ways to manage them with the latest security and technology developments.

  • Cloud Database Administrator

Administrators’ tasks may include support and management of cloud infrastructure and maintenance. These professionals are important to organizations since they identify and report database security problems. The average base salary of a senior database administrator is $115,415 annually. 

  • Computer System Analyst

A computer systems analyst’s job is to help businesses function smoothly and switch to cloud services efficiently. An organization hires systems analysts to adopt cloud technology and adapt and understand the processes and procedures during the transition phase. The average base salary for a systems analyst is $ 82,390 annually. 

In conclusion

Cloud computing is effective and reliable. So, the future scope for cloud architect salaries and jobs is flexible and scalable because companies have increased their profits exponentially by leveraging cloud computing services.

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