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{Full Watch} Joanne Epps Video Leaked On Twitter: Details On Death, Temple University, Age, Family

We bring to you extensive information about the Family, Age, and Husband of Collapse and Death Temple University ambassador JoAnne Epps Video Leaked on Twitter.

Did you know JoAnne Epps, the acting president of Temple University(TAUP) in the United States, rested in peace after a little observed breakdown on 19th/September/2023? The TAUP tweeted a condolence message. Let’s check about JoAnne Epps Video Leaked on Twitter.

JoAnne Epps Video Leaked on Twitter:

The leaked video of JoAnne Epps is associated with her last movements on the stage while she was losing her life force. The footage showed JoAnne dropping her papers on the stage more than once. But, within minutes, she fell to the ground on the stage, and JoAnne Epps Death was pronounced at the hospital on Tuesday afternoon.

JoAnne had rich experience in various leadership roles for more than 15 years. She was a faculty member at the TAUP for more than 30-years. 

About JoAnne Epps death:

TAUP community was in deep sorrow as none anticipated health issues with JoAnne, as she was not reported to have any major health condition.

Availability of JoAnne Epps Death video:

JoAnne’s death video is not present on Twitter (or) any other social media platform. Even the news media refrained from showing the clips. Details of her other family members and kids were not disclosed. Jay was devastated by her death.

Sudden JoAnne Epps Collapse:

On Tuesday, 19th/September/2023, JoAnne was attending a memorial ceremony at the Temple for Charles L. Blockson, a curator of the Blockson Collection at Temple Performing Arts Center on the TAUP campus. During the event, She was sitting on a chair and suddenly became ill and eventually JoAnne Epps Collapse on the stage.

She had a medical emergency and was rushed to the Temple University Hospital immediately, where she had passed away. JoAnne Epps was 72-years old. Dr. JoAnne A. Epps was born on 28th/May/1951 in Cheltenham, PA. L. Harrison Jay was JoAnne Epps’s Husband, who works at Temple’s office of community relations. 

JoAnne had a successful career. She completed her BA from Trinity College in 1973 and her Juris Doctor from Yale Law School in 1976. She was a resident of Shamong Township, New Jersey.

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JoAnne Epps Temple University and her career:

During 1976-1980, she served as Deputy city attorney at the Los Angeles Office of City Attorney. During 1980-1985, she served as assistant United States attorney in Philadelphia. In 1985, she became a TAUP professor of law. JoAnne Epps Husband was unable to believe about her death. In 2001, she was appointed to chair the Mayor’s Task Force on Police Discipline. 

During 2008-2016, she served as a dean at TAUP. As a professor of law, she focused on trial advocacy criminal procedure, litigation basics, and evidence; before JoAnne Epps Death. In 2011, the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of PA appointed her to monitor compliance with a settlement concerning stop-and-frisk procedures.

JoAnne established the Stephen and Sandra Sheller Center for Social Justice at the JoAnne Epps Temple University Law School. Please remember her in your prayers.

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Acknowledging her dedication to the cause of justice, Temple Law School presented JoAnne with the Gideon Award in 2003, when JoAnne Epps Age was 53-years old. JoAnne was one of the 25 most influential leaders in legal academia. Mourning her death, the 48th Governor of PA, Josh Shapiro, tweeted that she was a powerful force at TAUP, and her death is heartbreaking for Philadelphia.

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