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Jim Henson Biography: What is His Cause of Death? Check His Net Worth, Birthday, Working Studios, and Wiki Details!

This article shares entire details on Jim Henson Biography and further details on Jim Henson personal life and works. Follow our article to know further.  

Are you aware of the early life of Jim Henson? Do you wish to know about his amazing contributions in animation and cartoon world? If not, this article is what you need to follow. Jim Henson was among the famous cartoonist of the United States.

Today in this article, we will cover entire details about Jim Henson Biography and more about Jim Henson personal life details. For more details read the article below.


Introducing Jim Henson:

Jim Maury Henson was born on 24th September 1936 in Greenville, Mississippi, U.S. Jim was the son of Paul Ransom Henson and Betty Marcella.  He did grow up in University park, Maryland. He completed his education from University of Maryland, College Park. He had this interest of making puppets from high school. He continued his working on his interest and later became a famous cartoonist. 

He was professionally a cartoonist, Animator, Puppeteer, inventor, actor and a filmmaker. His Net Worth was $100million. He is popular for his work in Fraggle Rock and The Muppets. Jim Henson was named as the Disney Legend in 2011 for his exceptional contribution in the cartoon world. He died back in 16th May 1990.

Further details on Jim Henson personal life:

Jim Henson was the younger son of Paul Ransom Henson and Betty Marcella. He had one older brother naming Paul Ransom Henson, Jr. who died in 1956 in a car crash. He attended Northwestern High School where he gained interest of creating puppets. His first creation was Sam and friends during his university days. He later became a professional cartoonist and filmmaker. He died back in 16th May 1990. His Cause of Death was Toxic Shock Syndrome.

To discuss more on Jim Henson personal life, he was married to Jane Nebel back in 1959. They both were blessed with five children starring Lisa, John, Brian, Cheryl and Heather. 

Jim Henson Filmography:

Jim Henson always had this interest towards puppets. He interests towards puppets was developed when he was attending Northwestern High School. He later converted his interest towards profession where he became a famous cartoonist and filmmaker. His first work as a filmmaker was Sam and Friends developed in 1955. It was a short comic T.V. series. He later became a popular cartoonist.

Jim Henson was the member of The Jim Henson Company that was an A&M Studios. It was developed in 1958. The studio was situated in southeast area of North La Brea Avenue. He was also the member of Jim Henson Foundation, and Jim Henson creature Shop. His famous film includes Fraggle Rock, The Muppets, Labyrinth, The dark Crystal and others. 

Points to note on Jim Henson:

  • Real name: Jim Maury Henson
  • Parents name: Paul Ransom Henson and Betty Marcella  
  • Profession: Puppeteer, Filmmaker, Animator, Actor, Inventor, Cartoonist 
  • Birthplace: Greenville, Misissippi, U.S
  • Birthday: 24th September 1936
  • Age: 53 years
  • Died on: 16th May 1990
  • Reason of death: Toxic shock syndrome
  • Education: University of Maryland
  • Wife name: Jane Nebel 
  • Children: 5
  • Years active: 1954-1990
  • Net worth: $100million
  • Religion: Christian

Summing up:

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Jim Henson Pinocchio: FAQ

Q1. Who is Jim Henson?

Answer: American cartoonist and filmmaker

Q2. When was Jim Henson born?

Answer: 24th September 1936

Q3. What was Jim Henson Age?

Answer: 53 years

Q4. What was Jim Henson profession?

Answer: Puppeteer, Filmmaker, Animator, Actor, Inventor, Cartoonist 

Q5. When did Jim Henson die?

Answer: 16th May 1990

Q6. What was Jim Henson cause of death?

Answer: Toxic shock syndrome

Q7. What were the awards won by Jim Henson?

Answer: As per Jim Henson Wiki, Emmy awards, Inkpot Award and Disney Legend  

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