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Have you heard of Jerry Lawson’s death? What is the cause of his death? One of the finest American engineers, known as Jerry Lawson, died in 2011. People are surprised to see the new image of Google.

Everyone from the United States, Australia, the United Kingdom, India etc., is looking to discover this new image. Many people need to be made aware of Jerry lawsons work and contribution to his country. People also want to know about Jerry Lawson Cause of Death


How did Jerry Lawson die?

In 2003 he was suffering from diabetic problems, which further led him to a semi paralyse body. It includes losing one eyesight and half a portion of the body non-functional. 

Later on 9 April 2011, he died due to complications and paralytic attacks. People are getting the wrong idea that he was suffering from Guillain barŕe syndrome.

This syndrome impacts the neural system, and a similar incident occurred with another Jerry Lawson, the singer who died at the age of 75. Therefore people are confused between the two and get the wrong ideas.

Wikipedia Stats: Jerry Lawson 

Jailasan was born on 1 December 1940 in Brooklyn, New York. He created an advanced Doodle game for Google. When Server is not responding, people can play this game for free on Google. 

He was very popular and known as Google Doodle. He first created a Fairchild Channel video game. He also established a company called Video-soft.

People are curious to find out about his married life. We came across a name Catherine who was the Wife of Jerry Lawson. However, the surprising part is that no information about his wife is available. Further research revealed that she married Jerry in 1965, and the couple had two children.

His father is also interested in Science and Technology. Which also diverted his affection toward computer Technology and Engineering. His grandfather was a physicist but couldn’t gain any achievements due to racism and discrimination. His family was supportive and gave all the education to their son to achieve his goals.

Get Net Worth De tails!

His estimated net worth of Jerry was 2 million dollars. He was living a good life until he was diagnosed with diabetic issues. He died at the age of 71. 

Full name Gerald Anderson Lawson
Cause of death Diabetic problems and paralytic disorders
Spouse Catherine
Date of birth 1st December 1940
Date of death 9 April 2011
Occupation Computer engineer
Nationality American
Family Father- Blanton 
Earning Around $2 million.

This December will be his 82nd Birthday. But somehow, Legend couldn’t survive.

Additionally, if you found any irrelevant news regarding Jerry Lawson, an engineer, he died from diabetic problems not because of Guillain Barre Syndrome.


Many reports are providing false news about Jerry lawsons death. He died from diabetic issues, and all other causes are fake. Recently, when you open Google, you will find a new image of Google giving tribute to the legend.

Did you come across any fake news regarding Jerry Lawson? Comment below. 

Jerry Lawson Cause of Death: FAQs

Q1 What was the actual cause of Jerry Lawson Death?

Diabetic disorder and paralysing attack in a few parts of the body.

Q2 At what age Jerry died?

He died at the age of 70

Q3 How many children did Jerry have?

He has two children, Anderson and Keren.

Q4 What are the achievements of Jerry in the gaming industry?

Jerry was honoured by the International Game Developer Association in March 2011.

Q5 What is another popular name for Jerry?

He is commonly known as Google Doodle.

Q6 Why does Google update their Picture for Jerry?

Google updated their logo to give tribute to a legend.

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