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Jenna Wilson Arrested: Who Is Jenna Wilson? Know More About Jenna Wilson Airplane Incident

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere to know why Jenna Wilson Arrested. Also, learn about memes and social media trends.

Elon Musk commented on the Twitter post about Jenna Wilson’s fake account and stated – You are free to be your true self here. And what’s more is required for news to trend. 

Did you know who Jenna Wilson is? Would you like to know if the news about her arrest is real or fake? Who informed about Jenna’s arrest in the United States? Let’s check why was Jenna Wilson Arrested.


Trending news about Jenna Wilson:

People learned about Jenna’s arrest from a Twitter post by Merrick Garland, a US Attorney General. The information was posted on 12th/July/2023 at 5:59AM. He stated that Jenna was arrested on unbailable charges of intolerable discrimination and dehumanization.

Till Merrick’s post was updated on Twitter, no one knew the identity of Jenna. People learned from the picture posted on Twitter that the lady’s name was Jenna Wilson. Merrick’s post gained over 1.9 million views, 1,443 retweets, 1,029 comments, 9,571 likes, and 447 bookmarked Twitter post.

DISCLAIMER: We are not judging or blaming anyone. We are just providing information.

About Jenna Wilson Airplane incident:

Jenna boarded a flight. She had a seat beside a black person. After some time, Jenna left the flight stating that she would not die beside the person. She went out storming, and her actions caught the passengers’ attention.

The Sci-Fi Angle:

Tiffany Gomas created a new Twitter account on the 11th.July/2023, specifically to discuss the behavior of Jenna. She created memes stating that the black passenger did not speak to Jenna. When Jenna asked some questions, the person started staring at her continuously. And suddenly, the person shapeshifted in Jenna Wilson Plane

All the comments on @tiffanygomas posts were funny memes to tease about the incident. Her comments tried to criticize Jeena’s behavior toward a human being as someone who is an Alien or a shapeshifter!

Trends on social media:

Tiffany boldly included tag line on her Twitter account stating that she is not real Jeena. But she is pretending to be Jeena to tell her story. She tagged her account as a shapeshifter expert and invited people to ask her anything. @tiffanygomas gained 1,123 followers within 48-hrs, and each of her comments gained 6K+ views. However, her last post was dated 11th/July/2023. Jenna Wilson Instagram account remains untractable.

The latest updates:

What was the problem with sitting beside a black person? There is no clarification posted by Jeena or the police department regarding why she had made objectionable comments and left the flight. The police department did not update on the progress of Jenna Wilson’s case.

Social media links:




There were no further updates about Jeena’s arrest on the @MGarlandDOJ account. There were no further comments on Tiffany’s Twitter pages. It looked as though Tiffany had created a Twitter account in frustration about Jeena’s behavior towards a black person and vented her anger in a single day on social media pages which caught the trend. To know more, click this link 

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