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Jenna Ellis First Husband: Is She Married? Know More About Wiki & Twitter!

The Jenna Ellis First Husband write-up has information on married life and a wiki of lawyer trending on Twitter. 

Has Jenna Ellis pleaded guilty in the 2020 Georgian election interference case? Why are people searching for the latest on Jenna’s personal life? The 2024 United States Presidential election has increased the activity related to political figures in the country.

Jenna Ellis, a former legal adviser to Donald Trump, pleaded guilty on 24th October 2023 to a criminal charge in a 2020 election campaign case. Jenna Ellis First Husband has shared the personal details of the conservative lawyer for netizens searching for it. 

Who is Jenna Ellis First Husband?

The conservative lawyer Jenna Ellis has hit the headlines after pleading guilty in the 2020 Georgian election campaign case. Netizens’ inquiries on details like Jenna’s marital status have increased in the last twenty-four hours. According to digital media reports, David Rives is the ex-husband of lawyer Jenna Ellis. 

Rives is a Trump supporter and host of a weekly show on Trinity Broadcasting Network. The couple married in June 2019 and filed for divorce two months later in August. 

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Is Jenna Ellis Married?

Jenna Ellis filed for divorce from David Rives in 2019 and separated from him. She mentioned the divorce in a Facebook post and blamed her ex-husband for “not fulfilling his duty” in married life. She also mentioned in the post that he was not fulfilling his duty towards the church and remained ignorant about it. 

Ellis further wrote that Rives refuses all church authority and accountability on essential issues. Is Jenna Ellis Married keyword on search engine shows people’s interest in the marital status of the former Trump lawyer. There is no information on the current relationship status of the lawyer, Jenna Ellis. 

Ellis deleted a Facebook post that also mentioned her wishes for David Rives. She wrote, “It’s time to walk on the path of truth, and Christ should encourage my husband on the path of truth and God.” Jenna wanted her ex-husband to fulfill his commitment as a member of Christian Ministries. 

Jenna Ellis Wiki/ Biography:

Name  Jenna Ellis
Date of Birth 1st November 1984
Age  38 years
Nationality  American
Profession  Law Attorney
Father  Dave Ellis
Marital status  Divorced 
Place of Birth  America
University  Colorado State University
Relationship status  Single
Siblings  Two
Net Worth  $ 350,000
Education  Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism
Famous For  Legal adviser to Donald Trump
Ex-husband  David Rives
Children  No child
Height  5 feet 6 inches
Weight  Not known
Zodiac sign  Scorpio

Jenna Ellis Wiki and Biography are also top-searched keywords on search engines in countries like Canada and the United Kingdom. Ellis’s involvement in Donald Trump’s 2020 election case got her indicted for violating Georgia Racketeering law. She, along with the other three others charged with felony, has entered a guilty plea in the Atlanta City court. 

What has Jenna Ellis Said in her Guilty Plea?

Jenna has pleaded guilty in the Georgia election case and has decided to cooperate with prosecutors in a racketeering case. Ellis tearfully pleaded in the courtroom that she regretted her decision to keep Mr. Trump in office after his loss in the Georgia election. 

Jenna Ellis Twitter Post and Messages:

Jenna Ellis is trending on social media sites like Twitter and Reddit for her testimony against American former President Donald Trump. Democrats are supporting the testimony, but Republicans are calling it a political case to stop Trump from running for the election. Some netizens have termed “Ellis tears” in Fulton County court as fake, while others call it dangerous for the former President. 

Social Media links:

Jenna Ellis, former Trump lawyer and vocal maga supporter shocked MAGAverse turns on her for supporting DeSantis.
byu/Karhak inLeopardsAteMyFace


The conservative lawyer’s involvement in the Georgia election case and her guilty plea on 24th October 2023 has increased the search for Jenna Ellis Twitter keyword. Jenna’s testimony in the Fulton court may decide the future of a Republican Presidential candidate.

Is Jenna Ellis innocent in the Georgia Election 2020 case? Please comment. 

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