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[Full Video Link] Jeff Molina Video: Is He Gay & Wore UFC Pride? Are The Shorts Going Viral On Reddit, Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, Telegram & Twitter? Find Here!

The article discusses the controversial Jeff Molina Video and how it affected his career opportunities. We also explained about his shorts’ controversy.

Why is Jeff Molina’s career on hold? Recently the leaked video of Jeff has put him in a rough place. People are hearing about him all over the Internet. People from the United States and worldwide are curious to know why that video made it hard for Jeff to continue his career.

If you are looking for the same, you are at the right place. In this article, we will inform the readers about Jeff Molina Video.


What was in Jeff Molina’s Video?

In the Jeff Molina video, a recording of his private time got leaked on the Internet. In the video, he was engaged in explicit activity with a man in his bedroom. When people saw the video of Jeff with a guy, they could not resist not sharing it on the internet platforms like Telegram, Twitter, and Reddit.

Many people who saw the video made homophobic comments about Jeff, and some stayed with Jeff and said it would be hard for him to face these things.

How did people on Twitter react to the video?

Some people made fun of and spread hate on Jeff for his preferences. Others who saw his leaked video asked why his videos were showing on their feed, and few people sympathized with him and commented that this was sad and would be hard for Jeff because he got kicked out of the game because of the leaked video. 

They also added that Jeff Molina UFC news can leave an impact on him with a tough time, and it shows the MMA’s toxic community against the homo community.

What is Jeff Molina Shorts controversy?

Molina Jeff wore UFC’s Pride month shorts to one of his games, due to which he faced backlash from the community of Martial arts. When the media asked Jeff about this situation, he said he picked those shorts because he thought it would look cool to support a good cause. 

He added that he thought people would be open-minded about it, but the situation worsened when he said curse words in his interview.

Did that interview video get Viral On Reddit?

Yes, that interview gained many views as it highlighted that no one speaks casually, mostly when they are famous personalities. When people saw the full interview, many took Jeff’s side and stayed with him that he was saying that he has a fair point.

However, some people on Twitter and Tiktok did not like the way Jeff talked about it, but most people loved it and said people have all the right to choose what they want.

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The final verdict

Jeff Molina’s video had an explicit activity with a man. The person who leaked his video is still not found.

Who do you think is behind this whole thing? Comment down your views and tell us how you like the article.

Jeff Molina Instagram: (FAQs)

1- How many followers does Jeff have on Instagram?

A- 19.1K.

2-What is his age?

A- He is 25 years old.

3-When did he start his career?

A- He started his career in 2017.

4- Does Youtube have information about his interview?

A- Yes, it is available there.

5- What is the height of Jeff Molina?

A-He is 5 ft and 6 in.

6-What is his mixed martial arts record?

A- Out of his total 13 matches, he has won 11 of them

7- Is Jeff Molina Gay?


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