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Jedstar Token {Dec 2021} How To Buy? Contract Address

Want to know about the Jedstar Token. Read the blog. It will help you to solve your queries about the new crypto coin.

21 September 2021 is the red-letter day for crypto investors. On this day, a new digital currency was tradable in the market. 

After the introduction of the new member of cryptocurrency in the market, it became famous. Many investors Worldwide have started investing in the new cryptocurrency, and even the experts are also enthusiastic about the new coin. 

The new token is gaining much popularity in the market. Due to its association with “GameFI,” “NFT,” and “Defi,” it has excellent acceptance. Let’s disclose the name of the coin. We are talking about Jedstar Token

What is the Coin? 

It is the first cryptocurrency of “DECO.” It has a unique feature like transform with the utility. The token developers have developed a game to make this digital cryptocurrency can reach the masses. 

After the first success, they also developed another game for the gamers. The critical matter is both the games can be used to gain Jedstar cryptocurrency, and it offers many people the ownership of the game that is an “NFT” affiliated marketplace. 

So, gamers are using the game to mine the new digital currency. 

Founder’s Details of Jedstar Token

As per our research, the token is the brainchild of some energetic, innovative, and creative developers. They are some technocrats who discovered this digital token. 

The Chief Creative Officer of the token is Mungbean Wonton. The Chief Design Officer is Tiamat, and another significant person’s name is Elphax. He is the Chief Game Designer. 

As per the founder(s) perspective, only 4-5 % of people are engaged with the crypto game. So, via their discovery and verticals, they want to connect with other gamers. They believe in mass reach, and they want to take this token to the mass shortly. 

Market Census of Jedstar Token

  • Price: $0.8342
  • Supply Ratio: 100,000,000,000,000
  • Maximum supply: NA
  • Circulating supply: NA
  • Trading volume: $ 357,352.12
  • Coin Capitalization: No Information 
  • Senses of the Market: NA
  • Rate volume in a day: $ -0.04156
  • 24 h low/ 24 h high: $ 0.7442/ $ 0.9016
  • Rank: 3627
  • Influence in the Market: 0.00%
  • Fully Convertible Securities: No Data
  • 30 day cheap/30 day costly: 0.073031.09
  • Best Highest Price: $ 1.09
  • Record Bottom Rate: 0.02744
  • ROI: No Information

Note: Information may vary due to trade factors.

Why Do You Buy the Coin? 

As investors, you can buy Jedstar Token for many reasons.

  1. The coin is connected with many pioneer exchange platforms. 
  2. You can’t buy the coin with your direct money.
  3. You have to use an exchange to accept the coin. And you need to follow several purchase processes. 
  4. It offers security measures while you trade it. 
  5. One can mine this token via gaming processes. 

How Do You Buy the Coin? 

There are some processes to buy the coin. 

  1. You have to register with the wallet. 
  2. Then login to the “BNB” to start the buying process. 
  3. Now begin your “PancakeSwap.”
  4. To begin buying process of Jedstar Token, connect your wallet like “Trust Wallet” or “Metamask.”
  5. Do add your custom coin. It will create an ID for you. 
  6. Transfer your “BNB” into “JED” USD
  7. At last, enter your amount and start the buying process. 


  1. What is the Token ID Number? 
  1. 0x058a7af19bdb63411d0a84e79e3312610d7fa90c is the token “JED” coin ID number. 
  1. Why Is the Coin Trending? 
  1. One can play the game and earn the token. It is the best reason for its trending.

Final Verdict

Remember, this cryptocurrency is incepted by a gaming community. So, you can enjoy the game and also mine the Jedstar Token

As per the experts, view token has a decentralized ecosystem that is the reason for its popularity. But check the track record of the coin history just before buying. 

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