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This write-up on Jason Voorhees Actor Cause Of Death 2022, portrays the demise of an actor and stuntman. Catch up on the facts and know the cause.

Jason Voorhees has been among the most well-known horror film characters since his debut appeared in 1980’s Friday the 13th. His followers of the genre across the United States and other global places are currently grieving the passing of Ted White. 

He was among the stars who played Jason in two of the twelve movies depicting the terrifying film series. In this post, let’s check Jason Voorhees Actor Cause Of Death 2022.

Ted White’s reason for death:

In Friday the 13th Part VII: The New Blood (1988), Ted appeared in the archival video. Ted White, an actor and stuntman who, along with many other things, performed Jason Voorhees in “Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter (1984). Ted passed away at 96. 

A recent statement confirmed the incident on Facebook, stating that Ted died quietly while sleeping at his residence. Age had been the factor for the passing of Jason Vorhees actor Ted White.


Ted’s passing is grieved by many fans who followed him through his acting career. On Friday, 14th October 2022, Ted’s partner and companion, cinematographer Sean Clark, confirmed the announcement on Facebook, revealing that Ted had passed away calmly at his house while being in his repose. 

Sean expressed her obituary for Ted, stating that he had the opportunity to interact and work with Ted for nearly two decades. He added he was his beloved grandfather and unquestionably the finest narrator he had ever encountered. The film fraternity, Ted’s known ones, relatives, fans, and friends are paying their respect and tributaries to the departed actor.


Ted White was born in Texas on 25hh January 1926. He joined the U.S. Marine Corps at 17, serving on the island in the Pacific’s Iwo Jima during World War II. Ted amassed an amazing collection of stunts acts, such as Gone in 60 Seconds (2020), Road House (1989), Escape from New York (1981), Major League (1989), Short Circuit (1986), Cloak and Dagger (1984), Bronco Billy (1980), and many more roles in countless movies.

Before relocating to California, Ted received a football scholarship from Oklahoma University and competed in Golden Gloves boxing.


Ted White was 96 when he died on Friday, 14th October 2022. In many movies throughout his career, Ted distinguished himself as a stuntman, taking action sequences from performers like Clark Gable and John Wayne. 

Ted requested that his identity should not appear in any honors or credits but yet accepted to portray the murderer Jason since he required the funds. Similar opportunities came his way to reprise the role in 1985 and 1986. However, Ted declined all the roles. So, Jason was never revived by Ted White again.


Although not many details of Ted White’s family are available, his wife’s name is Jerry. They have a son, also called Ted. Ted White’s son, also Ted, confirmed his father’s passing and stated that his father was a hard man. He also mentioned that many performers and actresses they recognized as outstanding, and he liked the movie business and the action or stuntman.

Jeri Bayouth, his wife, mentioned in a statement that her husband, Ted, was far larger than life and extremely resilient. A kind and extremely generous and nice heart, Ted undertook many risks and exploits, as stated by Ted’s Wife.

Additional facts about Ted:

Ted White’s coworkers and good friends posted heartfelt messages about Ted on social media. He was a collaborator with special effects and makeup artist Tom Savini on Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter “strong as claws with a golden heart absolute elegance. He added about missing Ted and an image of them from the movie set.

Ted’s work, including his performance as an actor and stuntman, has been recognized and praised by many across the movie industry and fans all across the planet.

Net Worth 2022:

Ted White’s net worth was predicted at 4.5 million USD in 2022. He gained fame and wealth due to his acting career, being a star and a stuntman. He performed many roles as an actor in several movies, such as To Hell and Black: The Kane Hodder Story (2018), Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th (2013), His name was Jason: 30 Years of Friday the 13th (1009), etc.

Besides, Ted also portrayed many roles, including Trooper in Double Take 2001, Goon in Downtown (1990), Agent Fowler in The Hidden (1987), and many others.


An actor and man behind the Mask, portraying Jason Voorhees, Ted White’s demise is mourned by fans across the world. People share memories, clips, pictures, and messages on Instagram and other social networking sites as their tribute to the actor.

Ted’s passing shocked many people as he died suddenly. However, he died naturally and peacefully at 96. Every post or message shared for Ted shows the fan’s and followers’ liking for his performances as an actor and stuntman. His fellow industry people shared condolences for Ted’s family and loved ones.

Passed Away: 

Ted White, the performer, who is well-notable among fans, died recently. You must read Cast a Giant Shadow, which contains many Ted White tales. While Ted shared his experiences in the convention industry, many people, specifically Clark, were honored to be recognized in his movie.

His regular steak meals and blue, white, and red banner tale were missed by his friend, Sean Clark, who made fun of him running for the presidential acts. Many fellow mates miss him as a great storyteller and a kind-hearted personality.

How Did Die?

Ted died peacefully at 96 while sleeping at his home.

Jason Voorhees Actor Cause Of Death 2022: FAQs:

1 – Who Was Ted White?

Ted was a stuntman and actor.

2 – When did Ted White die?

Ted White died on 14th October 2022.

3 – How did Ted White die?

Ted died peacefully and naturally while sleeping.

4 – What was Ted’s age at the time of death?

Ted was 96 when he died.

5 – Which was the famous role Ted played?

Jason Vorhees was the famous role that Ted White portrayed.

6 – Who is Ted White’s wife?

Ted White’s wife is Jeri Bayouth. Jason Voorhees Actor Cause Of Death 2022, was natural.

7 – Which other actors played Jason Vorrhess?

Apart from Ted White, the other actors who played Jason Vorhees are Richard Brooker, C. J. Graham, Tim Mirkovich, Steve Dash, Ari Lehman, and others. Check more here.

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