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Jardin De Niños Gabriela Mistral Video Leaked: Check Details On Los Niños Rotos Video Completo

Jardin de Niños Gabriela Mistral Video Leaked will discuss the most shared video on the name of broken children and let you know what it is.

Are you familiar with the Kindergarten Gabriela Mistral school incident? Do you know what tragic event occurred in 2002? People Worldwide are searching for the trending video of this incident of broken children. Let us discuss the complete news through Jardin de Niños Gabriela Mistral Video Leaked post.

What is the latest information on this news?

A video of the incident of Gabriela Mistral Elementary School in 2002 is trending. It is widely shared on Facebook, TikTok, and other social media platforms. The event was dreadful and affected the 24 lives and people related to them. The video showed how a silly mistake took the lives of two children and left 22 people seriously injured. Although the incident occurred in 2002, the leaked short video on TikTok freshened the wound again.

What happened in Jardin de Niños Gabriela Mistral 2002?

It happened in Mexico’s Gabriela Mistral Kindergarten school on a holiday when children and teachers carried unique acts to celebrate the Mexican flag. Since the school did not have enough space on campus, the teachers opted to celebrate with the students on Calle Clavel, located in the Los Bordos neighborhood of Ecatepec, Mexico, directly in front of the educational facility.

However, no one could ever think what happened next would convert the celebration into one of the most tragic events in Mexico’s history. The ceremony by Jardin de Niños Gabriela Mistral 2002 children and teacher soon turned into the funeral ground when an aggressive car driver ran over the children standing there. Within a blink of an eyes, two kids, Adriana Martinez (5 years old) and Rodrigo Reyes (3 years old), lost their lives. Moreover, the collision also left 22 people, including kids and teachers, injured.

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What is the aftermath of this Gabriela Mistral Kindergarten 2002 incident?

Songs and cheers for the Mexican flag turned into cries and sorrow, as seen in Jardin de Niños Gabriela Mistral Video Leaked. People were in shock after learning about this tragedy. That impatient driver was later identified as Jose Luis Nieto Avila, 56 years old at that time, responsible for broken children. Police arrested Jose, and almost after one year of trial, he was sentenced to 146 years in prison in 2003. Apart from this, he was also charged to pay 133,150 Mexican Pesos to each victim of this incident.

Where can you watch Los Niños Rotos Video Completo

The Broken Children Full Video is now available on multiple social media platforms. If you use TikTok, then it is easily accessible. Mothers recording for their kids’ special celebration event shared this horrific video. However, if you could not find this video, we have attached a link for you at the end. It is important to note that the video contains sensitive visuals.

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Disclaimer: The incident we wrote about here is quite old but is discussed because of trending reels in the name of “broken children.”


Jardin de Niños Gabriela Mistral Video Leaked is still in the trending search despite it occurred 21 years ago. Many people have shared the video on their TikTok account in response to the original video, helping to keep the memory of this tragedy alive in Mexican society. You can also watch the Gabriela Mistral Elementary School incident here.

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