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The Jamie Lee Komoroski Facebook post is transferring to many people. Get in-depth knowledge about the accident here.

Have you ever met with an accident? Our society is too prone to accidents these days. But do you know why it is so? It is due to a violation of traffic rules. People are not taking the rules seriously and causing severe societal problems. Similarly, the recent accident of a newly married couple shattered their life upside down. 

The loss is too huge but cannot be corrected by anyone. The commoners in the United States are showing their grief on multiple social platforms. Jamie Lee Komoroski Facebook users are asking for justice for the loss and are concerned about their safety.


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The news about newlywed couple accident

Jamie Lee Komoroski’s accidents are trending online through numerous Facebook users. The accident took place on 28th April 2023, Friday at around 10 pm. A newly married couple and their two relatives got severely hit by a car driven by Jamie. 

Instagram users were furious after the news report spread in the media. The reports confirm the death of a new bride, Samantha Miller.

Detailed reports on the accident.

The officials mention that Samantha Miller, a new bride, died on the spot after the incident. Aric Hutchinson, the new groom, and two other relatives got severely injured. All three are still fighting for life in the nearby local hospital in South Carolina.

Officials confirm that Jamie was driving a vehicle on the 1200 block at East Ashley Avenue, Charleston, at 105 kph (65 mph) speed. The speed limit Charleston SC allows is 40kph (25 mph). The car vigorously hit a golf cart of a bride and a groom shortly after they left their wedding venue. 

Officials got the boozing smell of alcohol when they went near her. After which inquiry was done, Jamie said she had one shot of tequila and a beer just before one hour of driving.

Is Jamie Lee Komoroski arrested?

Yes, the officials arrested and charged Jamie with a DUI case. This involves reckless homicide, harsh driving that influences passing, and the death of Samantha.  

Police confirmed on Jamie Lee Komoroski Facebook that she was not in a steady state and initially refused to cooperate with the procedure. She was asked to take up a sobriety test which was strongly declined on the spot. The blood test was held after issuing a warrant which results are awaited.

The newlywed couple and their marriage

Samantha Miller and Aric Hutchinson’s wedding ceremony occurred on Folly Beach in South Carolina. Samantha was 34 years old from North Carolina, and Aric was 36 from Utah. The couple had great plans for their future and purchased a home in Utah to stay after marriage.

Their loved ones shared the fund page on the LinkedIn platform. Annette Hutchinson, a mother of a groom, initially raised it. 

What is the current condition of surviving individuals?

Aric Hutchison is in serious condition after the incident. He has reconstructive surgery with multiple brain injuries and broken bones. Doctors confirm that he might take a long time to recover from his current state.

The other two relatives are recovering with multiple stitches and dressing.

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Aric and Samantha’s wedding day became a nightmare for Aric. He lost his wife on the spot after the accident. Aric is still in serious condition. The police caught Jamie Lee Komoroski in a drunken state. 

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Jamie Lee Komoroski Facebook –FAQ

Q1. What car did Jamie draw? 

Toyota grey color which was rented.

Q2. At what rate was Jamie drunk? 

The officials estimated that her rate of conscious loss due to drinking was at 8 (Scale is 1 to 10).

Q3. Where was the cart found?

The cart was found 75 yards away from the site scene.

Q4. After how many hours of the wedding does the incident happen?

 After around five hours of the wedding.

Q5. Who were the two relatives injured in the incident? 

Benjamin Garret and Brogan Garret, a groom’s relative, are injured.

Q6. Is Willa Jonas’s clip available on Youtube? 


Q7. How old is Jamie Lee Komoroski?


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