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Jameson Vacations Scam: Is Ashford Legit? What News Is Trending On Reddit? Find Here!

This article gives information on the Jameson Vacations Scam and tells the readers about everything related to free trips to the Bahamas.

Are you looking for information on a trip planning agency that gives different packages of tours? Did Jameson Vacations or Ashford Vacations ring any bells? All the users in the United States are looking for truthful information related to the Jameson Vacations.

Many people have invested their money in the Jameson Vacation for free trip offers, but now everyone wants to know whether Jameson Vacations Scam or not. So, let’s find out.



This article doesn’t promote any website or travel agency. We only provide the information every user wants about a specific travel agency and website.

Do the Jameson Vacations do any scams?

Many people got messages about the free trip to the Bahamas, which confused them regarding the trip scam. However, apart from being a place, in the United States, Jameson Vacations offers great deals on Bahamas vacation packages, but the question here is Jameson Vacations Scam or not.

Although, there are no scams that come out in the name of the company or the website. The customers need clarification about whether they should trust the offers from Jameson Vacations. A YouTube video on the internet tells all about the free trip technique in detail.

Therefore, it’s time to know more about the website in detail but first, let’s check out the other websites offering the same deal.

Is Ashford Vacations Legit?

Another website that offers free Bahamas trips to its customers is Ashford Vacations. Let’s find out about its legitimacy.

  • The website’s domain age is one year, six months, and 30 days.
  • The domain was created on 17/06/2021
  • The trust score is 35%
  • No information related to Alexa Rank is mentioned.
  • Around 97% of website content is plagiarized, and 3% is unique.
  • The website looks very much similar to Jameson Vacations.
  • The testimonials of the customers are mentioned.


Is Ashford Vacations Legit


  • The contact number of Ashford Vacations is (561) 462-0270.
  • The customer service ID is not mentioned, but you can put the query in ‘The Contact Us section.
  • The website is not linked with any social media platforms like Reddit.
  • Interested customers can pay through different modes like Visa, PayPal, and many more.

Should people trust Jameson Vacations?

The Jameson Vacations has been active on the website for one year, and there is little information available about the website. Therefore, it’s hard to say whether the customers should trust the website.

However, no Jameson Vacations Scam recorded which is good for the website. On the other hand, people still need clarification about accepting the free trip to the Bahamas offered by Jameson vacations.

Once we get all the information related to the scam and trip, we will update the article for our readers for better insight.

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Final words

The trip scam is familiar as many websites try to catch customers’ attention with different offers. Many readers like to learn about the whole story before investing their time and money in fake proposals. 

What do you think about the whole free trip situation? Please comment below.

Jameson Vacations Scam– FAQs

1: What is the official address of Jameson Vacations?

A: The address is not mentioned anywhere.

2: Are there any scam reports related to the Jameson Vacation website?

A: No scam reports are found on the internet.

3: How many customers took the service of Jameson Vacations?

A: Around 15 thousand customers.

4: What are the Travel packages on the website?

A: Cruise, Resort Stay, Viva Wyndham Beach, and Free Vacation Monthly Drawing.

5: What is the departing point of the vacation?

A: The journey starts from the Port of Palm Beach and ends on Grand Bahama Island.

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