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James Gunn Johnson Dwayne: Why In News Trending That Gunn Wife Replaced Johnson? Who Will Get Cast In New Superman By Studios? What TWITTER Post Shared by DCU?

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Why are James Gunn and Dwayne Johnson in the news? Did you hear about Dwayne Johnson and James Gunn’s existing controversy? Is Dwayne Johnson joining DC Studios again? 

The DC fans are well aware of the silent dissatisfaction of Dwayne Johnson with DC. People from the United States recently wanted to know about the updates in the news. Read the James Gunn Johnson Dwayne article to learn more about the news.


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What happened between Dwayne Johnson and James Gunn?

The famous Actor Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill exited the DC and no longer works with James Gunn (Chief of DC). The rumors claim that Dwayne Johnson was interested in getting back Henry Cavill for his movie Black Adams in DC. However, it wasn’t possible after Dwayne Johnson denied being part of Black Adam Chapter one.

Adam shared a post on Twitter and announced his wrap for Black Adam Chapter one. He stated that after meeting James Gunn they finalized that Black Adams will not be part of the first chapter of DCU. We share every important social media link below.

James Gunn’s Wife replaced Johnson!

Some rumors claim that David F. Sandberg replaced Dwayne Johnson in his movie Shazam after he denied playing Cameo. Sandberg introduced Jennifer Holland, James Gunn’s wife, in the Shazam! Fury of Gods. According to rumors, Dwayne wanted Henry Cavill to play a cameo in Shazam 2. 

The DCU shared a TWITTER post and stated that David F. Sandberg had to replace Dwayne Johnson as The Rock denied being part of Shazam.

Will Dwayne Johnson enter DCU?

As of now, Dwayne Johnson didn’t make any official announcement about joining back the DCU again. However, James Gunn left a positive response for Dwayne. Speculations say that Johnson is always ready to work with Dwayne Johnson.

A Redditor shared a post of Dwayne Johnson when he exited DC Studios. Dwayne Johnson shared in the post that Black Adam won’t be part of Chapter one of the DC Universe.

Will Henry Cavill join DCU?

James Gunn is searching for a new lead to cast in the Upcoming Superman: Legacy film. Thus, there are no rumors that Henry Cavill will join DCU soon. Fans of Cavill are hoping to see him again in the Superman character.

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As of now, we can’t expect both Dwayne Johnson and Henry Cavill to reunite with the DCU. For further clarity on the Dwayne Johnson and James Gunn news, watch the video now.

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Dwayne Johnson & James Gunn News– FAQs

Q1. Are The Rock and Dwayne Johnson the same person?

ADwayne Johnson is known as The Rock, his ring name.

Q2. Is Black Adam in Shazam 2?

We can’t expect Black Adam to be in Shazam 2.

Q3. Will there be black Adam 2?

AWe cannot see any making for Black Adam 2 now.

Q4. How much did the Black Adam make?

It made 39.3 Crores USD.

Q5. Why has The Rock left DC?

The Rock didn’t elaborate on any reason for quitting DC.

Q6. Why did The Rock refuse to be in Shazam?

The sources claim that The Rock didn’t like the Shazam franchise.

Q7. Who is James Gunn Marvel?

He is the new co-head for the DC Studious.

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