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Jalisco Red Dead: Is Jalisco Rojo Dead or Alive? Check Full Details Here

The article on Jalisco Red Dead has all the proper and precise details about the topic.

What is Red Dead? Where is Jalisco located? What is Rojo Jalisco? Why are these keywords trending online? Are you searching for details on Jalisco Red Dead? Read this article here and get to know all the details in one place. This topic is going viral in Mexico and the United States.

What is Red Dead & Jalisco?

This trending keyword has a lot of information connected to it. Thus, one must break the keyword is two parts, ‘Jalisco’ and ‘Red Dead.’ Jalisco is a State in western Mexico, and Red Dead is the name of a game. Some searches suggest that a few people are trying to search the marketplace in Jalisco where the Red Dead game (which is set to release on 17th August) will be available. 

Related searches, such as ‘Jalisco Rojo Dead or Alive,’ take to the information about the 2 Cartels of Mexico. Amongst the two cartels, one (Jalisco New Generation Cartel) is the most significant criminal organization in Mexico and other parts of the world. The second cartel is Los Rojo Cartel. The searches show the attacks and crimes committed by these cartels.

Disclaimer: This article is based on searchability, and the keywords display very different information. Thus, we have tried to compile all the essential facts and topics together. 

Details About Cartels 

Jalisco New Generation Cartel is one of the most prominent operating criminal organizations worldwide. The cartels generally indulged in the supply of toxic substances, weapons procurement, human trafficking, and many more things. This cartel is known as CJNG; it was founded in Mexico’s Jalisco state. 

What Happened to El Mencho? Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes (also known as El Mencho) was the leader of CJNG; as the rumors have it, he died. No confirmation is available from any official authorities regarding El Mencho’s death. Los Rojo Cartel is a small organization formed after the split of the Beltran-Leyva cartel. Los Rojo is an essential player in the supply of addictive substances to the United States.

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Recent Attacks 

In the first week of June 2023, around eight youngsters who worked at the call center died. They tried to leave the job at the call center, which Jalisco New Generation Cartel ran. The exact Cause Death of their death is unknown. The incident came to light when their families reported them missing, and later, police found bodies in bags. In July 2023, 3 police cops were killed in an attack, and the suspected Cartel is Jalisco New Generation Cartel. 

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This article details the game Red Dead Redemption, Cartel from Mexico, and the Obituary of El Mencho, the leader of one of the biggest cartels in the world. Although, news about his death is not confirmed. This write-up has details about all the different search results from the keyword. Our website has tried to compile all the important facts in this article. If you want to know about Jalisco New Generation Cartel, click here

Do you know about Cartels? Please tell us some unknown facts about the cartel, if any. 

Updates on Jalisco Red Dead: FAQs

Q1. What is Jalisco?

A1. It is a state in Mexico.

Q2. What is Red Dead?

A2. It is a video game released on 17th August 2023.

Q3. What is Los Rojo?

A3. It is a cartel in Mexico.

Q4. Who has died?

A4. As per rumors, El Mencho, the leader of the biggest cartel, has died.   

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