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Jakub Hejl Linkedin: What Is Jakub Hejl Website? Also Check If His Account Details Available On TikTok, Facebook, And Pinterest

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Do you know about Jakub Hejl? Have you seen Jakub Hejl LinkedIn profile? Several people are searching for him on the Internet as he is the founder of a prominent firm Worldwide. If you are one among those who are searching for details on Jakub Hejl’s Linkdln profile, then this article is apt for you.

In this post, we will learn about Jakub Hejl.

Does Jakub Hejl have a Linkdln profile?

Yes, Jakub Hejl’s Linkdln profile is available on the platform. Jakub is being searched on social media platforms like TikTok. As per the Linkdln profile of Jakub Hejl, he is a founder at Westside Capital Group which is a highly popular firm. Jakub is a successful businessperson who had also participated in investment transactions related to real estate up to dollar 2.5 billion. In Westside Capital group, Jakub is responsible for risk management, strategic direction, and company and investment management. 

Jakub Hejl Website

If you aren’t aware of the official website of Jakub Hejl then let us inform you that Jakub has a website of his company. On his website, you will see complete details about his company along with team members. As per the website, the mission of Westside Company is to cultivate long-term relationships that reach several stakeholders. The company believes in value creation and innovative thinking. The other important details of this company are provided below: 

  • Location: Coral Gables, FL 33134, Westside Capital Group, 2000 Ponce de Leon Blvd.
  • Email address:
  • Contact number: +13053908801

Jakub Hejl’s social media accounts

On instagram Jakub has 361 followers and 428 followings. Jakub’s instagram account is private so we can’t gather much information. In the bio of his instagram profile, Jakub has mentioned that he is the founder of Westside. He also mentioned ‘Building Cities’, ‘Shaping the Future ‘, and ‘Investing in Communities’.  To read full-fledged details about Jakub you can also prefer his linkdln profile. Though we searched his account on other platforms such as Facebook but couldn’t find any apt profile.

An Overview of Westside Capital Group

Westside Capital Group is an investment company that holds building portfolios, individual buildings, real estate-rich companies, and land holdings throughout the United States. The portfolio of Westside includes $1.2 billion of assets approximately that are mostly in the Southeastern US.  The company has an Instagram page with the name Westsidecg. The pipeline of construction development of Westside Company has approx $3 billion of mixed-use and multi-family assets.

Disclaimer: The details on Jakub Hejl is taken from several online sources. Currently, we found no updates on Jakub Hejl. We will update you as soon as any detail is released.

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