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{Full Watch} Jade Cargill WWE Video Leaked: Know it’s Aew, Instagram, Cagematch, Husband, Net Worth, Age, Contract!

Check out the latest update on the transfer news of Jade Cargill and why netizens are rating tunes after watching the viral Jade Cargill WWE Video Leaked.

Are you excited to hear about the arrival of Jade Cargill in WWE? Recently, exciting news broke on social media confirming the joining of Jade Cargill in WWE. 

People Worldwide are asking about the confirmation of the news and the reason for which she left the AEW. Although there have been multiple previous attempts by Jade to collaborate with WWE due to consequences and discomfort, she couldn’t become a WWE member. Therefore, let’s check out the reality of Jade Cargill WWE Video Leaked

The Recent Viral Video

A viral video of Jade Cargill is circulating on social media, where people believe that it was captured from the WWE universe. Many speculations and rumors are spreading about the arrival of Jade in WWE as a tag team partner. However, there is no confirmed report available about the transfer of Jade in the WWE universe. 

Additionally, netizens went wild and posted comments on her Instagram handle for confirmation about joining WWE. However, Jade hasn’t said anything yet, but the insider rumors about her migration to WWE are very high. It clearly depicts that Jade wants to keep this sign-up exciting for her fans. 

There is a higher possibility that she’s planning to create hype for her transfer and shock the world with her grand entrance. But for now, all of these testimonies are just speculations, and I will update the news after getting confirmation. 

Jade Cargill Aew

The news reporters are widely talking about the impact Jade will have on AEW after choosing WWE over it. As per sources, Jade had a fantastic career in AEW but felt like there was no competition and mild challenges with the competitors. As an approach, she wants to become a part of all time favorite WWE. 

Additionally, she attempted multiple times to sign a Contract with WWE earlier, but the WWE star Chris Jericho denied the agreement due to internal issues. However, this time, with stable opportunities and social media posts and tweets, netizens are speculating that she will sign the deal with WWE.

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The Roaring Victory of Jade Cargill in Cagematch

The TBS title championship between Jade Cargill and Taya Valkyrie brought her to the limelight, and the massive victory in the cage match surprised everyone. Therefore, that match for the TBS title became the most-liked tournament of all time in AEW. 

Personal Information of Jade Cargill 

Netizens are also searching for the personal life information of Jade about her Husband. Jade is married to Brandon Phillips, who is a popular baseball player. The couple have been in a relationship for the last five years and have a kid named Bailey Quinn Phillips. 

Although Jade’s marital life was also in great controversies at the earlier stage, now the couple are living happily and supporting each other. Moreover, both of the athletes are performing excellently in their respective fields.

Netizens are also showing interest in the Net Worth of Jade Cargill. As of 2023 stats, she has a current net worth of $1M, but there’s a higher possibility that it will increase after her sign-up with WWE. 

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SRS: Jade Cargill is believed to be finishing up with AEW, sources within the company tell Fightful Select Sources within AEW and WWE both believe she’s headed to WWE
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Final Verdict

Jade Cargill, former AEW star, is planning to sign up with WWE Universe. At the Age of 31, Jade created chaos on social media, but she didn’t give any confirmation on these speculations. Finally, if Jade becomes part of WWE, then it will greatly benefit after the AEW growth. 

Did Jade make the right decision to sign up with WWE? Comment below.

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