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[Watch Video] Jada Kingdom Video Leaked On Telegram: What Happened When She Was 17 Year Old

The post highlights Jada Kingdom Video Leaked on Telegram and discusses the controversy about her TattoosAge, and Tape Video.

Are you curious why Jada Kingdom is trending on social media platforms? There are various speculated news, but a controversy between Burna Boy and Stefflon Don has set apart and captured the limelight. Amidst this, netizens are seen searching for Jada Kingdom Video Leaked on Telegram. The controversy has created quite a stir across social media and spread as far as Jamaica, the United Kingdom, and the United States. However, there is no relevant video we could find online.

This article covers everything related to the social media influencer and why netizens search for her.

Fact Check About Jada Kingdom Video Leaked on Telegram

Before considering any details related to the leaked video, let us quickly examine the controversy surrounding Jada Kingdom. For the unversed, Jada Kingdom is a singer based in Jamaica and a social media influencer.

She has been in the news for her talent and music videos. In addition, she is currently under the scanner for her conflict with Stefflon Don. As per reports, the latter went on to claim that the singer got pregnant when she was 17 years old. Based on this statement, the internet is splurged with searches on Jada Kingdom 17 Year Old, and other allegations put her way.

Whether the news is authentic and what the controversy is about are all covered in the upcoming paragraphs.

More Details on Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don

More Details on Jada Kingdom and Stefflon Don

As per the investigation, Stefflon Don launched a full attack on Jada Kingdom. The dancehall artiste, however, insisted that her latest preview of Don, whose Tape Video was released, was not directing Jada Kingdom. In addition, soon after her claim, she came back on Wednesday adding more lyrics that were considered explicit and insulting towards Jada Kingdom, the East Side Queen.

It became a verbal feud between them, soon becoming a news piece for the media.

What did Jada Kingdom Speak About Her Age?

What did Jada Kingdom Speak About Her Age

As reports, the dancehall artiste called Jada the biggest disgrace for the country. This was highlighted by her leading a promiscuous lifestyle, based on the details divulged by Jada herself during a media interview.

Furthermore, the spat resurfaced in her old interview wherein Jada was seen saying her body count was 10; on the other hand, her age was 25 years.

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What was Jada Kingdom’s Response?

Based on the lyrics released by Stefflon, which were considered offensive, Jada also released another Tape Video in retaliation for the former’s statements against her. In response to the British rapper’s track on Dat A Dat, this track was called London Bed.

Additionally, it is claimed that the British rapper Jada, nicknamed Twinki, was involved with the former’s partner Burna Boy, a Nigerian musician.

After listening to the lyrics, Jada took to Instagram, where she asked the singer if the lyrics were directed at her. Stefflon did not shy away from accepting that the songs were directed at her.

Jada Kingdom had also made a Tattoo for her former partner on her neck, among other Tattoos she has. In retaliation to the lyrics, Jada Kingdom released her diss track London Bed on Tuesday, targeting Stefflon.

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Final Conclusion

We have tried to cover all information related to the Jada Kingdom Video Leaked on Telegram. The video of her latest diss track is available on multiple channels like YouTube and Telegram, where users can view it. However, we do not have any further information about Don’s reaction to the track. Did you like the diss track? To learn more about Jada Kingdom, click here, .

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