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[Watch Video] Jada Kingdom Tattoos: Know About The Jada’s Trending Twitter Tape Video!

Do you know about trending Twitter tape video that features Jada Kingdom tattoos? If not, read this article to get the full information about it.

Are you a great fan of the dynamic singer Jada Kingdom? Does your song collection include breath-taking songs of Jada as well?

Then, here is an interesting news update regarding the Jada Kingdom. Amidst her lyrics battle with Stefflon recently, another piece of news went viral in the United States and many more countries. Jada Kingdom Tattoos and her leaked footage online. In this article, we are going to explain all the trending news regarding Jada Kingdom in detail.

About Jada Kingdom Tattoos

Jada Kingdom is a very talented singer, model, and dancer from the Jamaica region. She rose to fame with her songs like Win, Banana, GPP, etc. On New Year, an explicit tape video of Jada Kingdom was released on the internet, where she seemed to be dancing in an undressed manner.

In that video, fans saw her tattoos. The surprising part is that her entire body is filled with tattoos, and in addition to that, he tattooed her partner’s face on her neck. Hence, Jada’s tattoos became sensational.

Jada Kingdom Tape Video

Two Jada Kingdom tapes are circulating as viral videos. The first one is Jada’s New Year’s dance for her GPP song. As part of the New Year celebration, Jada seemed to be dancing to her song in an undressed manner, and someone video graphed that and uploaded it to the internet. But currently, we couldn’t locate that explicit Jada Kingdom Tape Video.

Another video is a lyrical fight video between Jada Kingdom and another British rapper, Stefflon Don. Jada and Stefflon had the same former partner named Burna Boy. So, Jada and Stefflon were always on bad terms with each other. This time, Stefflon wrote lyrics targeting Jada in a very bad manner, and in order to retaliate, Jada wrote reply lyrics to Stefflon.

Jada Kingdom Tape Video

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Jada Kingdom Twitter Video

On the Twitter and Instagram platforms, we can see the lyrical war happening between Jada and Stefflon. Initially, Stefflon started posting Dutty Money Riddim song, targeting Jada’s actions towards Burna. Then Jada retaliated by posting “London Bed Song.”.

In that song, Jada explains how her relationship with Burna went smoothly. This song went viral. Jada Kingdom Twitter Video and news feeds are filled with this London bed song only. This lyrical war has benefited Jada Kingdom a lot, as her London Bed song has placed in the top 10 most viral songs in recent days. Since both singers do all these things in their live sessions, we couldn’t track the videos.

Jada Kingdom Twitter Video

Availability of the video

Currently, the explicit Jada Kingdom Tape Video of Jada and the lyrical war video are not available on the internet. Some fans used to post some snippets of the video on their social media pages, but the real, uncensored version of the video is not available on the internet as of now. So, we urge our readers not to fall for some bogus links.

Social media links

Twitter: TWINKLE (@Jadakingdom) / X (

Instagram: TWINKLE (@jadakingdom) • Instagram photos and videos


Thereby, we have discussed the trending topics revolving around the famous Jamaican singer Jada Kingdom. Jada Kingdom Tattoos reflect the boldness of this singer. Even though Jada is involved in lots of controversies, she is remaining as a dynamic star in the hearts of her fans.

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Disclaimer: This article shares about mature content.

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