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Jacob Crouch Pictures: Has He Murder a Baby? What Injuries Photos are Going Viral? Check Parents Details Here Now!

Jacob Crouch Pictures went viral on social media platforms and left everyone speechless. Check out the below post to get all hidden facts.  

Have you heard about the Jacob Crouch murder case? Jacob Crouch was a 10-month-old baby whose stepfather killed him in the United Kingdom. After more than two years of investigation, Jacob Crouch’s stepfather has been found guilty. 

Once this news went viral, people started looking for Jacob Crouch Pictures and more details about this case. 

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What happened to Jacob Crouch?

On 30th December 2020, at around 7 am, Craig Crouch, the stepfather of Jacob Crouch, and Gemma Barton, the mother of Jacob Crouch, called 999 and informed them that they found their son in a cot unresponsive. But when the paramedic team reached Foxley Close, Linton, Swadlincote, the couple’s house, they discovered 19 bruises on Jacob’s body and the signs of rigor mortis. 

After watching the Injuries, the paramedic team guessed that Jacob Crouch died much longer than Craig Crouch and Gemma Barton claimed. East Midlands Ambulance Service called the force to report their concerns about Jacob’s death. After taking Jacob Crouch’s body to the Royal Derby Hospital, the doctors asked many questions to the couple about the health of their baby before dying. 

What did the Parents of Jacob say about their child’s death?

Craig Crouch and Gemma Barton told the doctors that Jacob was fine before his death. But he forbade taking his feeding bottle the evening before he died. The reality was that Jacob already lost his life before Gemma Barton checked him at 5 am. 

It was clear that Craig and Gemma were telling lies about their child’s death. But the Photos of Jacob Crouch’s bruises told it was not an accident. Someone brutally killed Jacob. And it became crystal clear that the murderers were none other than his parents, Craig Crouch and Gemma Barton. 

What did the postmortem report of Jacob Crouch say?

According to the postmortem report of Jacob, he had suffered almost 39 rib fractures that were caused during more than five separate physical assaults. Some fractures were caused in the last few hours of his life. But other injuries were caused months before Jacob’s death. 

Jacob Crouch Baby suffered a lot of pain at the time of death. The fractures on Jacob’s body told that someone squeezed his body with his hands. There was also evidence of re-broken ribs. The postmortem report revealed that the accurate cause of the death of Jacob Crouch was peritonitis. That means Craig Crouch or Gemma Barton kicked, punched, or stamped Jacob’s abdomen before his death. 

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What happened to Craig and Gemma in the Jacob Crouch Murder case?

On 29th March 2022, the police arrested Craig and Gemma for the charges of physical assault. On 4th August 2023, after a trial at the Derby Crown Court, Craig Crouch was sentenced to life in prison of a minimum of 28 years for murdering a child, and Gemma Barton was sentenced to 10 years in prison for child assault and allowing or causing the death of her 10-month-old child Jacob Crouch. We suggest you check our “Social Media Links” section to see ordinary people’s reactions. 

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The Jacob Crouch Pictures made everyone sad. People want justice for this poor little kid. The messages on Jacob’s parents’ phones highlighted that they used to call Jacob a “devil.” The news of Jacob’s death is heartbreaking for everyone. Click here to watch recent updates about the Jacob Crouch murder case.

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Jacob Crouch Pictures– FAQs:

Q.1 Who murdered Jacob?

Ans. Craig Crouch.

Q.2 How old is Craig?

Ans. 39 years.

Q.3 How old is Gemma?

Ans. 33 years.

Q.4 When did Jacob die?

Ans. 30th December 2020.

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