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{Full Watch} Jaahnavi Kandula Full Video Leaked: Where Can We Find Video? Check Details On Seattle Accident

This post on Jaahnavi Kandula Full Video Leaked will discuss all the crucial details about the shocking video about Jaahnavi Kandula’s demise.

Do you know Jaahnavi Kandula? Have you heard about her accident? Jaahnavi Kandula is a woman from Seattle who died in a car accident recently. However, some shocking news related to the accident was discovered on the internet recently. People from the United States are searching about the leaked video. This post on Jaahnavi Kandula Full Video Leaked will discuss all the crucial details about Jaahnavi Kandula’s accident. Hence, we suggest everyone to stay tuned till the end. 

What are the latest updates about Jaahnavi Kandula’s accident?

Jaahnavi Kandula was a 23 year old woman from Seattle who died in a car accident. As per sources, the accident happened when a police vehicle crashed Jaahnavi when she was crossing the road. Recently, a shocking video has been released from the policecam of the police officers who were involved in the accident. The police officers who crashed the vehicle on Jaahnavi accidently forgot to turn off their policecams while they were discussing about the Seattle Accident

As per sources, the police officers were witnessed laughing and making fun of the situation. The policecam video was then leaked on the internet. The video has now led to a rage outbreak on the social media platforms. The internet is flooded with comments the police officers for their bad behaviour. Also, many people are sharing condolences about Jaahnavi Kandula’s death and have even started a Gofundme for Jaahnavi Kandula. 

Disclaimer – Our articles are not meant to defame or criticize anyone. All the information in this post is taken from trusted and reliable sources. The only reason for writing this article is just to convey information to the readers. We are not personally blaming anyone for anything.

What did the police officers say in the video?

The viral video on Reddit showed the negligence of the police officers and hence angered the people on the internet. There were many comments posted on the internet where people were criticizing the actions of the police officers. Reports have revealed that Daniel Audrer and Kavin Dave were the two officers in the video. Apparently, Kavin Dave was the driving the car at the speed of 74mph. He crashed Jaahnavi Kandula with his vehicle. This was viral on Instagram. He then proceeded to call his senior officer Daniel Audrer and informed him about the situation. 

During the conversation, Kavin Dave forgot to turn off his policecam and all the conversation between him and his senior got recorded. The conversation revealed Daniel Audrer laughing and joking about Jaahnavi Kandula’s death. This was uploaded on Telegram. When Daniel Audrer was questioned about his behaviour.

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Where can we find the Jaahnavi Kandula’s video? 

The Jaahnavi Kandula’s video was leaked on the internet by the media. Since the release of the video, people continuously discussed about it and were shocked at the behaviour of the police officers. The YouTube video quickly captured the attention of the viewers and gained thousands of views in a short time. Many controversies raised after the release of the video. 

Hence, the police department decided and the responsible officials decided to take down the video. Now, the video is completely deleted from the internet and social media platforms. However, there are some short clips of the leaked video. Also, many links on social media links are claiming to provide the leaked conversation.

Social media links

Many people are discussing about Jaahnavi Kandula’s demise on social media platforms.


Final words

To summarise this post on Jaahnavi Kandula Full Video Leaked, we pray our sincerest condolences to Jaahnavi Kandula and hope that she gets justice. Please visit this link to learn more about Jaahnavi Kandula.

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