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Itsfunnydude11 Reddit : Itsfunnydude11 Wisconsin Volleyball Team Trending on Twitter – Read Facts !

This research on Itsfunnydude11 Reddit will tell the readers about this account and if this account is still available or dismissed. Kindly check this post.

Are you aware of the incident that happened with the student-athletes of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team? How did this matter raise and who uploaded their pictures? This has been a mystery for the students and their fans Worldwide. But, our team got to know about the account that uploaded their pictures. This post on Itsfunnydude11 Reddit will tell you everything about this incident. 

Kindly stay connected with us till the end and know the truth of this incident.


Did Itsfunnydude11 upload pictures on Reddit?

According to some online sources, it was revealed that a person with an account holder on Reddit with the username Itsfunnydude11 was the one who had shared or leaked the private pictures of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team students. As a result, his/her account has been suspended and we were unable to reach his/her account. When we reached Reddit, a notification saying ‘Page Not Found’ was shown. This shows that his/her account has been suspended. 

Itsfunnydude11 Twitter

Just like the Reddit account, his Twitter account was also suspended. We have searched on online sites and Twitter also, but we were unable to locate his/her account. The username, Itsfunnydude11, is missing from all the social platforms. There are online sites that claim to show all the pictures and videos of female players, but when we click on such sites, they redirect to some inappropriate online sites. We were unable to reach either his/her Twitter account or Reddit account. We have attached a screenshot for the reference of the readers.

Also, it is unclear if the account holder will get back the account.

Itsfunnydude11 Wisconsin Volleyball Team

Many fans are unfamiliar with the incident that blew the mind of other people. An account holder with the username, Itsfunnydude11, has leaked Wisconsin Volleyball Team private pictures that were clicked privately after they won the Big Ten Championship last year. The students clicked these pictures in the locker room and were kept private. This account holder has uploaded the pictures on Twitter and Reddit. Following this, other online sites have taken these pictures from it and uploaded them to their servers. Later, Twitter and Reddit officials deleted his/her account. It is still unknown if the suspension is temporary or permanent.

UW Authority on this Incident

After the Itsfunnydude11 Reddit account suspension, UW Authority also came on the front foot and talked on this matter. They told that providing appropriate resources, security, and services is their main priority. The officials also told that they are aware of this matter and that sharing explicit pictures of their students is against the University rules. The team will enquire into this matter deeply and will give you the results. This matter is still under investigation.

What action did Students-athletes take after knowing about the leaked pictures?

After this matter was spotlighted, all the students reported a complaint against this incident to the UW Police Department. Till now, the ultimate source, Itsfunnydude11 Reddit, has been found guilty of sharing such pictures. The account of this user has been suspended from all the relevant social platforms. But, this is not enough for the students and their privacy. The UW Authority is not only investigating this matter, but they are opening other matters where pictures were leaked without the owner’s consent. 

We hope that this matter will be solved soon and the culprit will be punished for doing such offensive things.

Why the Wisconsin Team is in news?

Recently, a user shared private pictures of the Wisconsin Volleyball Team which were clicked after they won the Championship in November 2021. As a result, Itsfunnydude11 Reddit was suspended. This made them trending and they are still in the news after the UW Authority released a notification on Twitter on October 19, 2022. Every news channel and online site is covering this matter and the officials are under pressure to know the real source from where these pictures were uploaded. 


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Itsfunnydude11 Reddit: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Was this account, Itsfunnydude11, guilty of uploading pictures online?

Ans. As per reports, Itsfunnydude11 uploaded all the private pictures of Wisconsin Volleyball Team students on his/her Twitter or Reddit Account.

Q2. Has the account been suspended?

Ans. For now, the accounts have been suspended from Twitter and Reddit.

Q3. Were the account suspended temporarily or permanently? 

Ans. Till now, there is no official update if this account was suspended temporarily or permanently. We will let the readers know once it is clear.

Q4. Why everyone wants to know about Itsfunnydude11?

Ans. As per online sources, Itsfunnydude11 Reddit was the primary source to upload pictures. But, the confirmation is yet to release. This made everyone talk about it.

Q5. When did the student-athletes win the championship?

Ans. The players of the Wisconsin Team won the championship in November 2021.

Q6. Wisconsin Volleyball Team won which championship last year?

Ans. They named the Big Ten Title last year. 

Q7. Why the Wisconsin Volleyball Team is trending nowadays?

Ans. As per the reports, the Wisconsin team is trending nowadays because some private pictures were uploaded on social media platforms like Twitter and Reddit. This matter was covered on every channel. 

Q8. Is the Itsfunnydude11 Reddit page still available?

Ans. No, it is unavailable. We cannot reach this account on the official platforms.

Q9. Is the matter still under investigation?

Ans. Yes, the matter is still under investigation. The officials have not come to any final judgment yet.

Q10. What did UW Authority say on this matter?

Ans. They said that their main priority is to give suitable services, protection, and resources to their students.

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