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{Full Watch} Israel Adesanya Vs Strickland Full Fight Video Leaked: Check Details On Video

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere about Israel Adesanya vs Strickland Full Fight Video Leaked to know about its availability and key movements.

Sean Strickland boarded flight back to the USA and posted on Twitter about his journey, mentioning a joker in the fight. Did you know he ended the tweet stating his no more the old Sean? Worldwide UFC fans are carried away by Israel Adesanya vs Strickland Full Fight Video Leaked.

About Israel Adesanya vs Strickland Fight Leaked video:

People worldwide watched the UFC #293 match between Sean and Israel, including fans from China. But many people missed the match because of the weekend. Many fans had already believed that Israel could win the match, as he had claimed the title several times. A 00:32:51 minutes leaked video of Israel Adesanya vs Strickland was available on Twitter , which was 45.4 MB for 480 pixel resolution.

Israel was the talk of the town last week as he posted a picture with a werewolf statue, allowing critics to question his behaviour towards animals. Israel became popular as a film – Stylebender premiered a few days ago, which showed his struggle to top the UFC dashboard. 

Sean competed with Nassourdine Imavov and Abus Magomedov to reach the finals. Tiktok did not feature a full-fight video. At the same time, Israel defeated Alex Pereira to have a final fight with Sean.

The live fight was available as an a-la-cart and pay-per-view. However, ESPN and several Disney sports channels were unavailable for viewers due to ongoing payment issues with cable and streaming service providers. People who did not want to pay to watch the a-la-cart event also missed out on the match. 

Opinion of Youtube:

Highlights of the match are available on YouTube, with key movements of Sean and Israel hitting each other. YouTube pod-casters watching the match commented that Israel had lost the match awfully. More than 170 videos, 13.1K social media posts and website reviews have been posted since yesterday. 

Since the beginning of the match, Sean showed an attacking strategy and tried to reach-out to Israel to hit him. Instagram did not feature a full-fight video. At the same time, Israel was seen several times pushing Sean using leg kicks.

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  1. Sean could block leg kicks and grabbed Israel’s legs several times. In round one, Sean was able to hit a right-hand blow on Israel’s face. 
  2. In the second round, both the fighters maintained distance. However, Israel used a few low jabs and high kicks. 
  3. In the third round, Israel tried maintaining the distance using high kicks. But Sean was able to deliver two right jabs. Telegram did not feature a full-fight video.
  4. The fourth round saw Israel still defending himself and Sean actively attacking him.

Statement by Israel:

Israel attended a press conference immediately after the fight and said he would not speak much if he won or lost matches. He said he wants to be with his family and well-wishers who care about and are waiting for him. 

While travelling in a car, Israel posted a video on Instagram showing injury to left eye and bleeding lips. Israel said that winning and losing happens.

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It is still unbelievable to people that the famous Stylebender (28-5 MMA, 15-5 UFC) lost the match to Sean (24-3 MMA, 13-3 UFC), who claimed the middleweight title. Daniel Cormier stated that Israel should have a rematch with Sean. But, the UFC committee stated that the division should move on. The match was held at Qudos Bank Arena in Sydney. 

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