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{Full Watch} ISIS Tank Video Twitter: Execution Video On Instagram, Reddit, Telegram, And Tiktok!

The article explains ISIS Tank Video Twitter and its availability on Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, Telegram, and TikTok.

Are you the person who gets updated on the ongoing Israel and Hamas war information? Then, have you watched the ISIS Tank Video Twitter, which is going viral these days during this war?

This ISIS tank video invited criticism from significant countries like the United Kingdom, the United States, and many more. The brutal death of a soldier has made everyone question the humanity in this world. Thus, let us see that information in detail.

What is the ISIS Tank Video Twitter all about?

In October 2014, the ISIS organisation that controlled the Syrian region, Wilayat Homs, released a video of killing a 19-year-old Syrian soldier more unmercifully by crushing him over the batter tank vehicle. His body was squeezed like toothpaste, and all his body parts were crushed to death. The ISIS team first uploaded the YouTube Tank Execution Video on their official website, and then the video spread to the Twitter platform and invited lots and lots of criticism. But currently, the video has been removed from Twitter, citing the violence in the video. Only some fake links are available now.

ISIS Tank Execution Video and the Truth

In the ISIS video, we see a 19-year-old soldier named Fadi Amr al-Zaydan from northern Latakia Province getting tied up. And he was standing in front of the battle tank. Even in that Telegram execution video, his hair was trimmed from the scalp to the lip region. Then, within a few seconds, the ISIS militants laughed hard when their tank crushed Fadi. This execution Instagram video shows the heartless behaviour of ISIS, but here the truth is: Fadi was fighting with ISIS; he destroyed the dead bodies of ISIS soldiers using the battle tank. This information was passed to ISIS, and they decided to get revenge by killing him the same way he did for these soldiers.

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ISIS Tank Video Reddit Updates

Fadi getting crushed by a battle tank video was uploaded to the Reddit platform. Those links are still present on the forum. Thus, any reader who wants to see the video can use the links at the bottom of the article. Upon uploading this gore ISIS Tank Video Reddit video, many people shared their concerns about ISIS behaviour. Even some channels and prominent news media outlets have started to report the case to the world. So, this viral video is still present on the Reddit platform.

Is the video available on TikTok?

Currently, the video has been removed, particularly from this platform, because it contains blood-shedding and brain-crushing scenes and triggers communal violence between ISIS and the Syrian government. Thus, the viral tank execution TikTok has been removed.

Public reaction on Instagram

Initially, the Fadi execution video was also uploaded on this platform. Currently, it has been removed because many people were against this inhumane ISIS activity, and some of the people requested that they remove the video as it would hurt his parents’ feelings.

Can we see this video on YouTube?

Even though this platform has removed the original uncensored version of the Fadi Tank execution video, some snippets and news coverage of this incident can be seen on the forum.

What is the Telegram channel that has the video?

We did exclusive research on execution videos on the Telegram platform, but we couldn’t see the original video. Some of the fake websites and links are only present now. Some people are checking the footage on TikTok, but even there, the executives have removed the video.

Social media link

Reddit: Today on “Classic Depravities of the Internet”: ISIS Tank Execution : ClassicDepravities

Today on “Classic Depravities of the Internet”: ISIS Tank Execution
byu/jonahboi33 inClassicDepravities


Thus, we have discussed the background story of the Syrian soldier Fadi Amr al-Zaydan and how ISIS soldiers brutally killed him. This video reflects the behaviour and consequences of war with the country. The ISIS Tank Execution Video denotes the mindset of enemies and the extent of their inhuman activities.

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Disclaimer: This content contains some brutal killing scenes and its information.

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