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A faceless tragedy unfolds—Thong’s drowning prompts vital ocean precautions. Let’s check Isaac Kelvin Tan Lee Thong LinkedIn and Twitter presence.

Desaru waters in DingDi Sharu, Johor, Malaysia, near Westin, are like nature’s playground, where sun-cuddle waves dance along sandy shores—a magical place where sea meets land, creating a haven for beach lovers and adventure seekers. Unfortunately, Thong(from Singapore), drowned to death in Desaru waters. Let’s check about Isaac Kelvin Tan Lee Thong LinkedIn and Twitter presence.

About Isaac Kelvin Tan Lee Thong LinkedIn:

Westin Hotel authorities expressed deep sorrow and sympathy regarding unfortunate incident involving Mr Thong. Hotel emphasized its commitment to guest safety and pledged full cooperation with authorities. Westin conveyed a sense of compassion and responsibility, assuring privacy of their guest and declined to provide personal and professional details related to Thong. Due to a lack of crucial information, Thong’s pictures, his social media accounts, including LinkedIn and Twitter, are unidentifiable.

Thong, a 49-year-old Singaporean, is feared drowned as incident unfolded in front of Desaru Coast Beach, where Thong and his 16-year-old son – Gabriel Tan Way Ping, ignored red flag warning of rough sea conditions. 

About Isaac Kelvin Tan Lee Thong Twitter:

Gabriel faced difficulties in strong waves and undercurrents but was rescued by passers-by and taken to Hospital Kota Tinggi(HKT). Search and Rescue operation, initiated promptly with 17 rescuers and a boat unit, continues to locate Thong, who went missing around 12:33 pm on 27th/December/2023.

Latest update:

Thong was discovered drowned about 5 km off Desaru Coast in Bandar Penawar. Penawar Fire and Rescue Department’s commander, Masri Ibrahim, confirmed that Thong’s lifeless body was located as holiday-makers made grim discovery around 5:30 am on 28th/December/2023. Thong’s wife, identifying him on-site, confirmed devastating news. 

Latest update

No Isaac Kelvin Tan Lee Thong Twitter account containing his full name was found. Thong’s body was discovered in shorts and without a shirt, was subsequently transported to HKT. Authorities, recognizing Thong’s Singaporean origin, reached out to Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs for further proceedings.

@Sycien(redditor), a witness to tragic incident involving Thong, recounted a distressing experience at beach near Westin Hotel. He stated that despite son being rescued, security guards remained inactive. Thong’s wife was terrified and kept yelling for someone to help. @Sycien expressed deep sympathy to Kelvin’s family, acknowledging lasting impact of traumatic event.

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Isaac Kelvin Tan Lee Thong LinkedIn:

@GreenmushroomGameDev(Redditor commenting about incident) shared insights into East Coast’s hidden dangers, emphasizing sudden steep drops and underwater cliffs caused by erosion. They highlighted deceptive appearance of peaceful seas, with man-made rocks attempting to slow corrosion. Mention of a distant iron mine jetty underscored substantial beach loss. Their advice was clear: avoid swimming on East Coast due to yearly incidents, especially among out-of-town students unaware of dangers. 

Isaac Kelvin Tan Lee Thong LinkedIn

One website informed that Thong was working as an AI Translator. However, Isaac Kelvin Tan Lee Thong LinkedIn profiles matching his full name and profession were not found. Nearest match on LinkedIn was for an Editor and Investment writer. But, due to lack of Thong, his wife, and his son’s personal and professional details, corresponding profiles on LinkedIn and Twitter are unconfirmed.

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Body of Singaporean man missing in Desaru waters found
byu/potassium_errday insingapore


Weather in Desaru is like a cheerful friend, mostly sunny and warm. It’s kind of weather that makes you curious to enjoy water-related activities. But, in aftermath of tragic incident involving Thong, Kota Tinggi police has issued a crucial advisory against swimming and water-related activities, considering challenging sea conditions caused by northeast monsoon season. RIP Thong.

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