Is The Charm Cove Scam Or Legit Online Website Reviews

Is The Charm Cove Scam Or Legit: The Guided Trustworthy Reviews!

The article discusses Is The Charm Cove Scam or Legit and all the details about the website through its Reviews.

Do you love to shop accessories from online stores? People can have a variety of options in online stores, which makes the shopping experience convenient for them. But it is not sure that the experience will always be the same.

In the United States, the Charm Cove website is getting the attention of customers because of its collection, so let’s check if Is The Charm Cove Scam or Legit.

Is The Charm Cove Scam or Legit 

After doing a deep dive into the website, we got multiple hints as soon as we landed on the home page. This online store has some pieces of jewelry that can easily win over any heart, but there are not very many options to choose from, which makes the website even more suspicious. 

When a customer tries to add any product to their shopping cart, the website will allow people to add as many available products as they want, which is a huge red flag for any website.

Is The Charm Cove Scam or Legit 

The Charm Cove Reviews: About Website

  • Registered date of The Charm Cove:15 November. 2023
  • The Charm Cove Age: Website was formed only 16 days ago
  • The Charm Cove last update: It was analyzed two days ago
  • Detection count: The detection count is 0/40
  • Trust Score: This website has a below-average trust score of 36/100
  • IP Address:
  • ASN – AS13335
  • Server Location: (CA) Canada
  • City and Religion: Ottawa, Ontario
  • Franco Rank: Low
  • Certificate: SSL proved that the certificate is valid
  • Visitor count: Meager
  • Owner’s identity: The owner has kept their identity Hidden

The Charm Cove Reviews

Is The Charm Cove Scam or Legit: Specification

  • Buy accessories at
  • Price: The price range starts from $125 and reaches up to $160
  • Physical Address: The website has not mentioned the physical address
  • Company number: Not provided
  • Privacy Policy, Delivery Policy, and Shipping Policy: None of these crucial policies are mentioned in the Charm Cove store.
  • Email address: No email address is mentioned on the website
  • Carrier details: Not provided
  • Tracking: To track the order, the customer has to fill in details, which include the order number, Tracking number, phone number, or email address.
  • The Charm Cove Reviews: There are no customer reviews on the official website
  • Cancellation Policy, Cancellation Fee, and Return Policy: These important policies are also not described.
  • Exchanges: No details are provided about how their exchange policy works or how people will get help if they want to return the product.
  • Restocking price, refund policy, Refund timeline: The Charm Cove lacks these details, too.
  • Mode of refund: Not Mentioned
  • Mode of Payment: AMEX, Apple Pay, Discover, Visa, JCB
  • Newsletters: The Charm Cove
  • FAQ: Not Mentioned on the store’s website

Is The Charm Cove Scam or Legit

Is The Charm Cove Scam or Legit: Pro and Cons


  • The Charm Cove offers bracelets for both men and women.
  • The website is easy to use


  • None of the essential policies are mentioned on the official website, which is not trustworthy.
  • There are no social media links available on the official sites.
  • They do not mention any FAQs, which is a bad sign for customers.
  • The website was recently made, and as there is not at least basic information, the sole motive of this website is to scam people.

Is The Charm Cove Scam or Legit review

The Charm Cove Reviews

The Charm Cove website is a scam website as it lacks all the information one should have at their online store. Charm Cove itself does not put any effort into convincing people to shop from it as it lacks the necessary details like important shopping policies. 

People who are planning to spend their money on this store are advised not to trust this website. Click here to safeguard yourself from PayPal Scams.

Social Media Links

Note- No social media links available.


The Charm Cove Reviews showed that people should not trust this website, and there are many possibilities that it would scam their customers. Check this link to be secure from Credit and Debit card scams.

Have you already bought from this website? Comment down your experience with this website.

Disclaimer- We do not promote any shopping website through our article. This article is only aimed to alert readers about scam websites by showing them the legitimacy of the store. We do not intend to provide any misleading information that can ruin the customer experience.

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