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[Update] Is Temu A Legit Site: Is Temu Legit and Safe? Explore Full Information On Temu 7 Dollar Switch

Read exclusive facts unavailable elsewhere to check Is Temu a Legit Site? Also, learn about the trending Switch at $7 giveaway offer.

There are speculations and rumours about and its offers being a scam. But do you know why such rumours are featured on the internet? Why are customers from the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia giving feedback that is a scam? Did you know that it was all related to an offer? 

So, we bring you complete facts about the offer to let you decide Is Temu a Legit Site?


About the offer tagged as a Temu scam:

Recently, Temu came up with a special offer that overexcited the fans to crib their heads! It offered a Nintendo Switch game console for $7, giving a 98% discount! The original price of Switch is $350. But, the trick is in the terms and conditions of the offer, which are:

  • The customer should be a new user, meaning old users are not eligible for the Switch.
  • The customer can avail the offer from Temu iOS and Android apps only.
  • Each day, only ten Temu 7 Dollar Switch Legit consoles are given away.
  • The customers are selected on first come and first serve basis.
  • The window of offer opens at 10:00 AM EST every day.

However, ignoring terms, all users tried applying for offer. Several users tried getting offer from PC browsers, and many new users tried offer with an internet speed of 1GBPS-broadband but still were unsuccessful in availing gift. Despite highest internet speed, such users could not believe that someone else could grab offer before them. 

It gave rise to rumours that several users may be using bots to avail of offer without checking Is Temu Legit and Safe, and such bots were used to get more than one Switch per new user. Several users believed the offer was scam to attract new users to sign up for Temu, and several users stated that Temu is a fake website!

The features of Temu: was registered in MA, USA, on 29th/April/2003. It is a 20-years, 1-month, and 7-day-old website, suggesting a long-time existence. It was last updated on 27th/January/2023, indicating business continuity. The website’s registration will expire in 3-years, 10-months, and 24-days on 29th/April/2027, suggesting a long life expectancy.

Is Temu a Legit Site? uses a valid HTTPS protocol, and its IP has Low-Domain Validated Certificates (DV-SSL) for next 70-days. It gained an excellent 100%↑ business and trust index, an average 51/100↑ Domain Authority, and a zero↓ Alexa rank. Temu is owned and operated by PDD Holdings, a Chinese-based company owned by Lei Chen.

All privacy, shipping, returns, refund policies, terms and FAQs are mentioned on offers a comprehensive mode of payments via debit and credit cards, e-wallets, and fintech EMIs.

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Conclusion: has 93.3K+ visitors monthly with a traffic value of $1.6K. So, less than 0.33%, which is 310 customers, will win Nintendo Switch! Several customers have already received delivery of the Switch, which suggests that’s offer is not a scam. However, Switch was delivered without any accessories. is a long-existing website with excellent scores. Hence, it seems legitimate.

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Is Temu a Legit Site – FAQ

1Q. What is Temu’s customer service contact number?

A callback request needs to be placed online. Contact number was unspecified.

2Q. What is Temu’s email address?

Their email is

3Q. Which Switch model is offered at $7?

Click here to view the Nintendo Japanese version home-tv-game console offered.(

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