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Is Sonia Kruger Pregnant: Is She Married? Details On Her Daily Mail, Pregnancy, Baby, Age

In this post we will clarify Is Sonia Kruger Pregnant? The post will give you more details on her Married life, Baby, Pregnancy, Age, and Daily Mail

Do you know about Sonia Kruger’s pregnancy? Is Sonia Kruger Pregnant? The news about Sonia Kruger’s pregnancy is surfacing all over the internet. The media personality from Australia is trending as some people are speculating that Sonia Kruger is pregnant. So in this post, we will discuss full-fledged details on Sonia Kruger.

Is Sonia Kruger Pregnant?

Sonia Kruger is a well-known media personality. Currently, she is hosting the world-famous reality show Big Brother Australia. The news of her pregnancy is getting viral. The news about Sonia Kruger Pregnancy news seems to be fake as there is no official confirmation or hint about it. Sonia Kruger has not revealed anything related to her pregnancy. In 2014, she announced her first pregnancy after several miscarriages.

Sonia Kruger Pregnancy was revealed in August 2014 and in 2015 she gave birth to a baby girl. The another reason for her pregnancy news could be that she recently opened up about her dream for her daughter and her motherhood.

Is Sonia Kruger Married?

Sonia Kruger was married for six years to James Davies. The couple got married in 2002 and ended their marriage in September 2008. After that, her partner was Craig McPherson and the couple is still together. They failed to have a child due to Sonia Kruger Baby miscarriages as per sources. As per sources, Craig and Sonia had been trying for a baby for many years through natural and IVF methods. 

In 2014, Sonia announced that she was pregnant and she conceived a baby. She gave birth to a daughter in 2015. People are unaware if Is Sonia Kruger Married. As per sources,  It is not confirmed if she got married to Craig McPherson or not but the couple are still together and have a daughter.

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Sonia Kruger Daily Mail

The news of Sonia Kruger’s pregnancy is spreading as some people have speculated that she is pregnant. Sonia Kruger is the mother of a daughter and people are speculating if she is expecting a second child. As per our Sonia Kruger Daily Mail research, there are no official details about her pregnancy. Sonia did not react to any such news of her pregnancy. Earlier this year, Sonia Kruger was also speculated to have a second child but the rumors were fake.

Sonia Kruger Age is 58 currently, she took birth on 28 August 1965 in Toowoomba, Queensland, Australia.  Her full name is Sonia Melissa Kruger. She is a social media personality, television presenter and actress.  Sonia again has been trapped in pregnancy controversies but no details have been revealed till now. 

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In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here on  Sonia Kruger Baby, as per our research Sonia Kruger has not revealed any news about her second baby. She is currently hosting the reality show, Big Brother. Sonia Kruger gave birth to a daughter in 2015. She doesn’t have a second child as per the online reports. Sonia Kruger Age is 58 currently. You can visit this link to learn more details on Sonia Kruger.

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Disclaimer: The news about Sonia Kruger’s pregnancy is not confirmed by Sonia Kruger or her team. We can not confirm if she is pregnant or not. 

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