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Is Slimaoo Scam or Legit {Dec 2022} Honest Reviews!

Please read through this article to know whether it Is Slimaoo Scam or Legit and whether it is reliable for any purchase.

Do you want to know about an authentic online shopping portal? Are you looking for a trustworthy e-commerce site for your Christmas shopping? Have you come across the Slimaoo website? Have questions related to the Website’s legitimacy? No doubt, all websites provide catchy offers and look quite true.

This article will provide the readers with clarity on the Slimaoo website. Also, know the reason for the Website to trend mainly in the United States. So, give a quick read to find out Is Slimaoo Scam or Legit?


Check the details to know Slimaoo’s Legitimacy!

  • Domain Date- The registered domain date for the Website is 24/11/2022.
  • Registration Expiry Date- The Website’s expiry date for the domain is 24/11/2022.
  • Owner’s Details- Details of the website owner are missing.
  • Trust Score- The Website has received a poor trust score of 1%.
  • Trust Index- Its trust index score is too poor, only 1.5 on a scale of 100%.
  • Website Popularity- The Website popularity is 0 or too poor.
  • Social Media Presence- The link for social media pages is unavailable.
  • HTTPS details- Valid HTTPS is available for the Website.
  • Slimaoo Reviews– Customer reviews are unavailable on any valid website.
  • Phishing Score- The site has received a score of 19/100.
  • Malware Score- The Website has got a score of 26/100.
  • Blacklist Detention- The Website has not been enlisted by the blacklist engine.
  • Suspicious Website- Gained a spam score of 83/100.

The Website, for now, looks quite suspicious as it has got many of the legitimacy checkpoints as unfavorable. So, the Website is entirely untrustworthy.

Know About!

The Website offers a wide range of products at a fantastic discounted price. The Website no doubt looks too good to be accurate; thus, they want to know Is Slimaoo Scam or LegitThe Website offers various types of products, such as:-

  • Skincare products.
  • Lip Liner.
  • Winter coats & Blazers.
  • Many More.

Check the fantastic Offers now!

The Website is offering discounts for now and giving up to 50% off on its products. But all offers could be more trustworthy.

The Features

  • URL Link-
  • Email id-
  • Contact Number- Not provided.
  • Contact Address- Not Available too.
  • Processing Time- 72 hours.
  • Shipping & Delivery details- The Website has provided details as per the location.
  • Return- A return policy of 30 days is available.
  • Refund-The exact refund timings are not available.
  • Payment Methods- MasterCard, VISA & PayPal.

Pros to know: Is Slimaoo Scam or Legit?

  • Buyers can quickly get many products available under a single e-commerce site.
  • Huge offers are currently available for buyers.
  • The price is convenient on the Website.
  • A valid HTTPS connection protects the Website.
  • Any engine does not blacklist the Website.

Website’s disadvantages

  • The Website didn’t specify any contact address details.
  • The email ID is different, which doesn’t match the domain name.
  • The Website didn’t provide any contact number as well.
  • The Website has got no social media links or attachments.
  • The Website’s popularity is too poor, with a high suspicious score.

Check the Slimaoo Reviews!

Every customer review on the Website’s page needs to be more trustworthy. Unfortunately, for this Website, only a few reviews are not available on any reliable platform. Thus, the site can be a scam, so know How to Get a Refund on Paypal, If Scammed.

The Final Statement

The Website looks quite attractive, like every other Website, but based on the negative legitimacy feedback, it looks entirely untrustworthy for now. However, you can browse the other legit portals till it gains some authentic reviews.

Also, if you are a Victim of Credit Card Fraud, find the steps to solve the issues. Do you think this is an authentic portal? Please comment.

Is Slimaoo Scam or Legit-FAQs

Q1. What is the Website’s Name?

The name of the Website is

Q2. Is any account required to place an order?

No account is required to order from this Website.

Q3. What is the valid URL link for the Website?

Q4. What kind of payment options are available here?

Purchasers can pay through PayPal, VISA, and MasterCard.

Q5. Can the shipping address be changed after the confirmation of an order?

Afterthe order is shipped or processed, the address is unalterable.

Q6. Is Slimaoo Scam or Legit?

The legitimacy checkpoints prove this Website to be untrustworthy.

Q7. Is the Website recommended for purchase?

No, many details on the Website are unavailable; hence it is not recommended.

Q8. Does the Website have an excellent social media presence?

The Website has a poor social media presence, and no social media accounts are available.

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