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Is Nikki Haley Text Scam Or Legit: Check Information On Daughter Husband And Messages

We bring exclusive facts about Nikki’s DaughterHusband, and Text Messages campaign to understand Is Nikki Haley Text Scam Or Legit?

Did you know three sets of Text Messages were circulated in the United States for Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign? Would you like to learn more about Nikki’s personal and professional life and her Daughter and Husband? Would you like to know Is Nikki Haley Text Scam Or Legit?

Is Nikki Haley Text Scam Or Legit?

The 2024 US presidential election is set for 5th/November/2024, and it’s 60th of its kind. Joe Biden, from Democratic Party, is seeking re-election, while Donald Trump, a Republican, is aiming for a second nonconsecutive term. 

If Trump wins, he’ll be second president to achieve this. If both Biden and Trump get their party’s nominations, it would be first presidential rematch since 1956. winner is set to be announced on 20th/January/2025. Amid this competition, Republicans have staged seven presidential candidates, including:

  1. Nikki Haley,
  2. Doug Burgum,
  3. Chris Christie,
  4. Ron DeSantis,
  5. Asa Hutchinson,
  6. Vivek Ramaswamy, and
  7. Donald Trump.

Nikki Haley Text Messages Subscription:

Each candidate has a website featuring their political goals and agendas. Nikki Haley’s official website is gives an option for an SMS subscription with a disclosure – you consent to receive calls and text messages, including auto-dialled, texts, and automated pre-recorded calls, to that number from Nikki Haley. Message frequency may vary. Reply “HELP” for help (or) “STOP” to opt out.

Additionally, several people who may not have subscribed to SMS receive random calls and text messages. At least 24 people reported receiving spam calls from 540-315-8592. Several people didn’t even recognize who Nikki Haley was and blocked number. 

Content of Nikki Haley Text Messages:

Calls questioned – Do you have a minute to talk? text message provided links to different websites, including and But, website is inactive. redirects users to, a donation platform backed by secured payment technology, to help GOP candidates (Republicans) across USA. People can donate a minimum of $25 and up to a maximum of $3,300, which will be utilized in primary and general elections in sequence.

Rena Haley, 25 years old, is Nikki Haley’s daughter. She graduated from Clemson University(2017–2021). Rena Haley is a pediatric nurse. 

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Nikki Haley Daughter Husband:

Michael Haley and Nikki married in 1996. Michael is president of Stand for America, founded by Nikki after leaving her UN ambassador role. Michael worked at Exotica International, his mother-in-law’s clothing store, and served eight years in human resources with South Carolina Army National Guard. 

Michael participates in multiple companies and boards. He was a commissioned officer and South Carolina’s first gentleman from 2011 to 2017. informs that SMS subscriptions will receive text messages from 48324. To date, three formats of text messages have been circulated from 48324, cluing Is Nikki Haley Text Scam Or Legit?

  • First message explains: Nimarata Nikki Haley, born in South Carolina in 1972, daughter of legal immigrants, a military wife, and a mother of two, is running for President of United States. Concerned about nation’s path of doubt and division, she believes stakes are high, urging every American to take bold action for survival. Haley is determined to unite nation for a better future. 
  • Second message explains: America is slipping, and Nikki has a vision to save it. I need your help with a $25 gift to spread my message. I fear falling short without your support; accounted to check Is Nikki Haley Text Scam Or Legit. Sooner we replace president from Democratic party, sooner we can tackle inflation, build a better economy, secure our borders, ensure safe streets, and empower parents in education.
  • Third message explains: The Democrats have shifted to a socialist stance. President’s proposals include more aid for illegal immigrants, bailouts for affluent college students, and favours for big labour and business, raising concerns about freedom. Donate now to support Nikki. Should President Biden take a competency test? 

Social media links:

Conclusion: and are genuine platforms for donating to Republicans. They are also linked and endorsed on official for sending donations to Nikki. It answers Is Nikki Haley Text Scam Or Legit. Text messages from 48324 requesting donations for Nikki are genuine. However, messages received from other numbers are scams. 

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