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Is Mutch a Wordle Word {July 2022} Get Solution Hints!

Is Mutch a Wordle Word has discussed the reason behind the increased search for the word Mutch and given its meaning.

Are you still thinking of Wordle 376 as its difficulty level was on the higher side? People do not frequently use most words that appeared to solve yesterday’s puzzle. Wordle for 30th June trended, and search for words like Kutch, Hutch, Cutch, and Mutch increased in countries like the United States.

The words mentioned above are not frequently used; therefore, most people get confused about the word. Is Mutch a Wordle Word was a common question asked by most puzzle solvers on 30th June 2022.

Does the Wordle Word list Contain Mutch Word?

Most players faced problems while solving puzzle 376, and the average attempt for it increased to 4.5. The last three letters for yesterday’s Wordle were T, C and H as players spent most of their attempt on finding the last four-letter for yesterday’s answer. 

They had fewer attempts left to get to the final answer, and Mutch appeared to be a viable option for the final answer. As Mutch is a legal word, it is also present in the word list of Wordle.

Wordle Mutch:

The search for Mutch word increased as the last four-letter for Wordle 376 solution was U, T, C, and H. Some people also searched this word along with Wordle to find the solution to the Puzzle. The words with similar last four-letter like Cutch, Mutch, and Hutch were among the top searched words on 30th June.

Some also thought it to be a new game, but we cannot find any game with this name. So it becomes clear that the search for this word only increased for finding Wordle solutions, and Wordle Mutch is not a puzzle game. The word Mutch is legal and means a thin linen cap mostly worn by ladies and children.

Solution and Analysis for Wordle 346:

  • The solution for yesterday’s puzzle is Hutch.
  • Hutch means a box or cage with a wired front to keep domesticated animals like rabbits.
  • Ordinary people took more than 4.5 attempts to solve this puzzle.
  • The last three Wordle are solved in the 4.3, 5, and 4.5 attempts.
  • The Hutch word ranks 24,563 in the word and phrases list, making it a rarely used word in general discussion.

Is Mutch a Wordle Word hints for 1st July Puzzle:

  • It contains two vowels.
  • It has no repetitive letters in it.
  • The starting letter is a common letter used frequently.
  • It means a market with a spot of white and other colors.

People are taking 3.8 attempts on average to solve today’s puzzle, and the word ranks 24 774 on the word and phrases list of frequently used words. Therefore today’s answer is also not a common word.

Final verdict:

According to our findings, Mutch is a word  and is present on the word list of Wordle. Is Mutch a Wordle Word post, has given the meaning of this word and analyzed yesterday’s puzzle for the players. The hints for 1st July Wordle are also given in this article for gamers’ convenience.

Do you feel that the difficulty level of Wordle has increased in the last few days? Please share your thoughts in the comment section.

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