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Is Makima a Evil in Chainsaw Man ? Why Is Makima Evil ?

Read exclusive and consolidated information about Makima Nayuta to understand if Is Makima a Evil in Chainsaw Man?

The Chainsaw Man is a popular comic character Worldwide in the Japanese Manga series by Tatsuki Fujimoto. Fujimoto had an idea of a character that dominates and uses multiple abilities of different types of devils. Thereon the character of Makima got shaped. 

Makima appears in the first chapter and then in chapters 21, 52, 66, 67, 81, 86, 87, 88 and 97. Let’s check if Is Makima a Evil in Chainsaw Man.


Is Makima a Evil?

Yes, Makima Nayuta is evil. She is the Leader of the Devil Hunter and also has the ability of Control Devil. She stood at equal levels to other devils in the series. However, Makima was killed 33 times. But stood up with all her powers with no sign of life-threatening injuries.

She can utilize the abilities of:

  • Future Devil, 
  • Angel Devil, 
  • Snake Devil, 
  • Spider Devil, 
  • Punishment Devil, and 
  • Zombie Devil

It makes her powerful enough to deal with any situation or enemies. 

However, she was defeated and killed by Chainsaw Man 22 times.

Why Is Makima Evil?

Makima is an evil entity with phycology to defeat human beings and concur the world so that human beings start obeying her at her foot tips. She wanted to change the world to keep Pochita for herself and spend the rest of her life happily with Chainsaw Man.

She was obsessed with Chainsaw Man and Pochita. Her attempt to live happily ever after with Chainsaw Man failed to the extent that Chainsaw Man fought several battles with her, defeated her, and eventually killed her several time, which raises the question Is Makima a Evil in Chainsaw Man?

Further, in the series’ first episode, Makima is shown as a Public Safety Officer working for the government. During the initial days, Denji joins Public Safety Organization. While on a mission, Denji comes in contact with Pochita, who fuses into Denji’s body, transforming him into a dog-like devil.

The Zombie Devil had a contract with yakuza to kill Denji. Pochita merged with Denji to save him but on the condition that Denji will show his dreams to Pochita.

As Makima is obsessed with Pochita, she captures Denji. Makima’s aim was to separate Pochita from Denji. Hence, she ill-treats Denji during his captivity and tortures him, which answered Is Makima a Evil in Chainsaw Man? But, Makima kept a negotiation term with Denji that he should be loyal to her, love her, and satisfy her physical greed.

Any move of Denji to disobey Makima led to his suffering. Denji kept his loyalty to Makima even though Makima killed Pochita after separation from Denji. Pochita was his best friend of Denji and his savior.

Makima is evil as she wants to concur Chainsaw Devil so that she can use his abilities to change the world. She not only wanted Chainsaw Devil as a partner but as a servant who obeys her command. 

Is Makima a Evil in Chainsaw Man? 

Primarily, Makima is a Control Devil. Further, her role in the series suggests that she does not care for human beings or devils. Though she is individually/independently powerful, her powers reach their peak when she exercises them at shrines located at high places.

Makima is shown using her powers with the ritual motion of two hands and index fingers from a temple to crush her enemies from a far distance. It requires human suffering and sacrifice, for which, Makima killed captured several human beings sitting on their knees blindfolded, which answers Is Makima a Evil in Chainsaw Man?

Makima, in the whole series, is not shown doing any good except that she is longing for motherly love and affection. The chapters in which Makima is included show her torture towards:

  • Denji, 
  • Her use of her ability to damage others using her index finger, 
  • Using her halo powers to summon several devils, and 
  • Even using rats and birds to teleport.

Makima can use the smelling and hearing abilities of rats and birds to spy on Denji and Pochita, including other abilities such as:

  • Manipulation, 
  • Charisma, 
  • Authority, 
  • Immortality, 
  • Omniscient level of intellect, 
  • Teleportation, 
  • Psychic abilities, 
  • Extraordinary healing ability, 
  • Necro-kinesis, 
  • Regeneration, and
  • Eco-kinesis. 

Further, reviews of Is Makima a Evil in Chainsaw Man, shows her utilizing:

  • Deal-making, 
  • Great sense of smell, 
  • Enforcing deadly blows, and
  • Inflicting illness and accidents towards humans.

With all such powers, her character is even eviler due to hobbies like 

  • Drinking, 
  • Spending her time alone, 
  • Controlling,
  • Dominating other people, 
  • Petting her dogs, 
  • Smoking, 
  • Obsessing over chainsaw man and pochita, and 
  • Looking down on other people.

Chapter 84 reviled that she becomes Chainsaw Man’s number one admirer and plans to eradicate all the devils to fulfill her contract with the government.


In chapter 87, Chainsaw Man goes missing as Horsemen of the Apocalypse approaches. Makima suffers severe injuries and returns to Denji, which questions Is Makima a Evil in Chainsaw Man? Taking the advantage, Denji kills and chops her body and consumes her completely. Chapter 97 shows that Makima reincarnates in China as a child named Nayuta.

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Is Makima a Evil in Chainsaw Man – FAQs

Q.1 What crimes were committed by Makima?

Mass murder, physical harassment, slavery, psychological assault, brainwashing, mutilation, gaslighting, and conspiracy.

Q.2 What was the mission assigned by the government to Makima?

Aid the government in forming a better world and show people their role in the new world.

Q.3 How does Makima plan to control Chainsaw Man?

Letting Chainsaw Man consume her ultimately leads to a fusion by which Makima can control him

Q.4 What type of villain is Makima?

An Obsessed Control Freak, which answered Is Makima a Evil in Chainsaw Man? Click here to check video.

Q.5 How old is Makima?

She is in her mid-twenties.

Q.6 For how much time has Makima existed?

Makima reincarnates and has existed since human history is known.

Q.7 How did Makima suffer severe injuries during her last battle?

Makima and Chainsaw Man lost their battle with Horsemen of the Apocalypse, and Makima suffered severe injuries.

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