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Is John Travolta Gay Or Not: Check John Travolta Is In A Relationship, And Also Find His Wiki, Biography, Age, Parents, And Girlfriend Details!

Is John Travolta Gay Or Not? To know all updates on his physicality and the latest updates, kindly check out this post

Do you know John Travolta? Why is he in news nowadays? People are searching for his physicality on several online sources as some people believe that he is not straight. But, we cannot claim anything without any strong evidence. Is John Travolta Gay Or Not? For those who are discussing his physicality, we will clarify the interrogation of the netizens Worldwide

John Travolta: A Gay or Not

As per the online source, it has been clear that John Travolta is not straight. But who says this? Mike Rinder, a top former Scientologist claimed that he saw Travolta kissing a male masseur. People on YouTube  also confirms that John is homosexual and is gay. Kirstie Alley also claims through her podcast that she loved John and talked about his physicality. On a YouTube video  she shoots down on a rumor that he is a homophile. 

John Travolta Wiki

Real Name John Joseph Travolta
Date of Birth  February 18, 1954
Place of Birth Englewood, New Jersey
Father’s Name Salvatore “Sam” Travolta
Mother’s Name Helen Cecilia
Siblings  Ellen Travolta and Margaret Travolta (sisters); Joey Travolta (brother)
Spouse Kelly Preston (died 2020)
Kids 3 (one deceased)
Occupation  Singer and Actor
Current Relationship Status Single
Net Worth (2022) $ 250 Million
Height 6 feet 2 inch

The above table highlights the important details of the life and career of John Travolta. You can know about his kids and wife also. Kindly read about his current relationship status ahead. 

Is John Travolta In A Relationship?

According to our research, John Travolta is not dating anyone now. He is single and is not in a relationship. He found the love of his life in Kelly Preston who died in 2020. Earlier, many female stars fell in love with him including Kirstie Alley. People are discussing a lot on his physicality as Rinder claimed to watch him kissing a male guy. He met his first love, Diana Hyland in 1976. Unfortunately, she died. He was least interested in relationships but he found Kelly and married her in 1991. But, she passed away due to breast cancer in 2020. Currently, the actor does not have a Girlfriend.

Early Life of John Travolta

John was born to Helen and Salvatore Travolta and was the youngest of his six siblings. His mother was an actress while his father was a semi-professional footballer. He moved to New York City to begin his career in 1971 when he was only 17. He then moved to Los Angeles to pursue his dreams and made his first appearance in Carrie, a horror film, in 1976. He was then seen in many big films like Saturday Night Fever, Urban Cowboy, Grease, etc. He was also awarded for best actor for Saturday Night Fever. 

His Biography shows his struggle and determination to become successful in his life. 

Why is John Travolta in news?

As per sources. he is gaining a lot of public attention as Mike Rinder who is a top and former Scientologist, claimed that John is homophile as he had seen him kissing males on their mouth when he was given some task to assist him in public relations issues. 

Note: All details are based on online sources, we are personally not blaming anyone.


We hope that you all got all the updates on John Travolta and why is he trending on online sources. You can read more on John  here.

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Is John Travolta Gay Or Not: Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Is John Travolta dating anyone? 

Ans. No, he is not dating anyone after he lost his wife in 2020.

Q.2 Why is John in news nowadays?

Ans. As per sources, John Travolta is in the news because Mike Rinder claims that John Travolta is a homophile as he had seen him kissing the male masseur.

Q.3 When was John Travolta born?

Ans. John Travolta was born on February 18, 1954.

Q.4 Who was the first love of John Travolta?

Ans. John dated Diana Hyland in 1976, but she died.

Q.5 What is the Age of John Travolta?

Ans. According to his birth date, he is 68 years old.

Q.6 Whom did John Travolta marry?

Ans. John Travolta married Kelly Preston in 1991.

Q.7 Is Kelly Preston still alive?

Ans. No, Kelly died in 2020 due to breast cancer.

Q.8 Is John Travolta alive?

Ans. Yes, John is alive.

Q.9 What is the net worth of John Travolta?

Ans. John had a net worth of $ 250 million.

Q.10 Who were John Travolta’s father and mother?

Ans. John’s Parents were Helen Cecilia and Salvatore Travolta.

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