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Is Ibzstore Legit Or Scam {May 2022} An In-Depth Review

The describes the basic facts and details of the discussion of a helpful information of the answer, Is Ibzstore Legit Or Scam. Read the article for more details.

Do you want to buy designable and customized watches, bags, and clothes this summer? You can purchase these items from the famous online store “Ibzstore”. As per the website, the store was initiated in 2006. Many buyers are using the virtual store Worldwide. 

But do you know all the information about the store? We will search out each detail of the website and give you an accurate and complete report of the legitimacy of this virtual store. In this article, we will determine whether it Is Ibzstore Legit Or Scam? So, let’s focus on its legitimacy elements with accurate data. 

Let’s Find out Its Trustworthy Factors. 

  • Domain Creation Date- The virtual store was created on April 20, 2022. So the age of the domain is just 12 days old. 
  • Date of Expiry- 19/04/2023. 
  • Trust Score – The site’s trust score is the worst, just 1 per cent. 
  • Owner Details – The domain owner’s name is identified by the “Whois” search. 
  • Official Address – 71 Shelton Street, Convent Garden, London, England, WC2H 9JQ. 
  • The Trust Index Score- The trust Index score is 14.7 out of 100. So the website is not apart from the suspicious activities. 
  • Ibzstore Review– We cannot fetch the reviews from both sources, i.e., the official page and the trusted reviewing portals. 
  • Threat score – 58 out of 100. 
  • Phishing score- The website gets 71 out of 100. 
  • Website Popularity- The website popularity score is “Zero” (very poor). 

After checking all the facts and details about the website or online store, we are not sure about the website’s legitimacy. Besides this, our opinion is that it is too early to finalize the decision on the website’s legality. So, it is better to examine more data and conclude: Is Ibzstore Legit Or Scam? 

Details for the website

It is an online or virtual store that offers customized items like- clothes, hats, shoes, bags and watches. The company works with the many verticals in the market. The verticals are- small business groups, big companies and individuals etc. The website also offers hygiene products like slim fit camisole, disposal face mask, KN-95 face mask, etc. The items are not very costly as per the price list. 

Essential Factors of The Website

  • Name of the Website – Ibzstore.com
  • URL – https://www.ibzstore.com/
  • Email Id – Julsubstra66829@gmail.com Operational Hours – The website works 24/7.
  • Contact Number – The phone number is not given. It identifies the doubt- Is Ibzstore Legit Or Scam. 
  • Name of the owner – Not hidden by the Whois search.
  • Official Address – Mention on the website page, 
  • The policy of Return – Not mentioned on the official page. 

Please note that all the data is written from validated and trusted websites and internet sources. 

What do you think about the website? Do you still want to buy from this virtual store? We mention the Pros and Cons of this virtual site that will give you more data and clear your doubts about its legitimacy. 

Check out the Positive Factors for Is Ibzstore Legit Or Scam

  1. The site offers a wide range of items. 
  2. The HTTPS protocols are valid. 
  3. An email id is mentioned on the page for communication. 
  4. The website maintains standard delivery protocols. 
  5. The website has social media pages. 

Cons of the Ibzstore.com 

  1. No phone number is mentioned on the official page. 
  2. The domain expiry date is concise. 
  3. The return policy is not cleared on the website. 
  4. The website has malware practices. 
  5. The spam score of the website is very high. 

What Do We Know by Ibzstore Review

We know how customer feedback is essential to understand whether the website is legit or not. But honestly, we don’t find proper customer feedback on the website or any other trusted internet sources. The website is too new, so customers are currently not using the website or don’t trust the website. You can also check the How to Return Your Money from Paypal Scams


We try to find out the legitimacy of the website. We have searched each detail of the website and gave helpful information about the answer: Is Ibzstore Legit Or Scam? We find the website lacks much necessary information that identifies a website’s legitimacy. Further, click here if you want to purchase your fashionable items from a legit site.  

Besides this, you can tell your latest experiences on the online shopping part by commenting below. Also, know by clicking the link- How to aware of the Credit Card Scams.

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