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{Uncensored} Is Gojo Really Dead: Is He Actually Dead? Are Details On Reddit? Check!

This blog is in context about the viral news on Reddit regarding Is Gojo Really Dead, which people are actively discussing on the internet, and further details about it. 

Is Gojo Really Dead 

Are you reading the Jujutsu Kaisen by author Gege Akutami? This post will provide readers with all the details about the upcoming twists and turns in the Jujutsu Kaisen Mangaka. The people of the United States, Philippines, and India read the Jujutsu Kaisen. 

Let us get into the post details and examine further whether Is Gojo Really Dead and what are the public opinions upon the spoiled confirmation. Stay tuned for more updates on the story. 

Why Is Gojo Really Dead trending on internet sources? 

The Jujutsu Kaisen is in its last stages, with the showdown between Gojo and Sakuna. Fans are very much anticipating the upcoming chapters and are excited for the further release. But the situation took an unexpected turn when the spoilers confirmed that Gojo was going to be dead in Chapter 236.

So, yes, Gojo Is Dead Reddit news is set for the next episode, which is set to be released. Gojo has been the main hero of the series, which has kept people interested in the story throughout. 

Does Gojo die in Chapter 236?

In chapter 235, the much-awaited battle between Sakuna, who is the king of curses, and Gojo, who is a Formidable sorcerer. People are getting impatient about Is Gojo Satoru Dead in the next chapter. As the story is about to end, fans are coming to terms with the facts and hoping for justice to be served for their beloved character in the MangakaMangaka. 

In the next chapter, Gojo can be seen with his body cut off in half and lying lifeless. Fans might think that there is some catch to it, but there is not. 

What are the fans’ reactions over this unexpected turn of Is Gojo Actually Dead?

Fans did not take the death of their favorite character very calmly, and the author received a lot of backlash from the admirers of Gojo‘s Character. He even received death threats for making this storyline. 

Overall, the plot got mixed reactions from the neighbors, and they expressed their sorrow and frustration through social media posts and messages. Is Gojo Satoru Dead? became a very popular topic of conversation on social media recently. People are even questioning the writing skills of Gege Akutami for ending the poor this way.

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What is the whole concept behind Gojo’s Death? 

Fans will only be able to see their favorite character, Gojo, further in the story if in flashbacks. He does not come alive again because Gojo accepts his defeat, and Is Gojo Actually Dead is a piece of very legit information as Gojo says goodbye to his friends. Sakuna was able to kill Gojo in the end with the help of Mahoraga. Mahoraga has the power to mimic the Powers of his opponents, and he succeeded in doing so. 

Shikigami attacked the whole area instead of the particular Gojo; being a part of the area, Gojo was also cut in half. The result was that Is Gojo Really Dead statement proved to be true. 

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Gojo’s “afterlife” dialogue was so weird and jarring
byu/PortoGuy18 inJujutsufolk

Final Summary 

The majority of the audience is not happy with this storyline and criticizes Gege Akutami very much. But the decision is all up to the author and dedication. The criticism the Mangaka has collected a lot of attention from the global audience. 

What do you think about this unexpected twist of Gojo Is Dead Reddit  in the story? Convey your thoughts in the comments.

Disclaimer: This article contains spoilers of the Jujutsu Kaisen manga with the contents of chapter 236. This post is only for the reader’s information and nothing more. 

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