Latest News Is Diamond Platinumz Dead Or Alive

Is Diamond Platinumz Dead Or Alive: Is Diamond Platnumz Funeral News Real? Grab More Details On Latest News

The post will give you full-fledged details on Is Diamond Platinumz Dead Or Alive. Know the truth behind Diamond Platinumz’s death.

Do you know Diamond Platinumz? Do you know if he is alive? Diamond Platinumz, the popular bongo flava artist is rumoured to be dead. The news has left his fans Worldwide in shock. People are searching Is Diamond Platinumz Dead Or Alive or it’s just a death hoax. The whole article will clarify the details of Diamond Platinumz’s death rumors. 

So let’s begin the article to know the details.

Is Diamond Platinumz dead?

The death news of Diamond Platinumz is surfacing all over the internet. Some people have believed that the artist has died but some people are not believing and claim that the news is fake. So the truth is Diamond Platinumz is not dead. He is alive and living a peaceful life. The rumors started when Diamond told about an elevator incident through which he escaped.

Is Diamond Platnumz Funeral news real?

No, Diamond Platinumz’s funeral news is completely fake. After the death rumors of Diamond Platinumz surfaced on the internet people are also searching for his funeral. The death news of Diamond’s death is fake and also his funeral news. A few days back, Diamond shared an elevator incident through a video. 

The video shows how he and his colleagues got stuck in an elevator. He posted the video on 18 July on his instagram account. The rumors started spreading after the video went viral on different social media platforms. A photo of 2018 is also surfacing on Facebook which shows Diamond Platinumz lying on a hospital bed. The caption states that the musician had died in a road accident but all these rumours were fake.

Diamond Platinumz Latest News

Diamond Platinumz is trending because of his death hoax. Currently, there is no such confirmation about the death of Diamond Platinumz. The sources state that the news about Diamond Platinumz is fake. Diamond is active on his social media account and posts videos of his song. He was stuck in an elevator about which he informed the public by posting a video on his instagram account.

Later it was known that Diamond Platinumz and his colleagues escaped safely from the elevator. Hence, Diamond is safe and alive. The news about his death is just a death hoax. People who are searching for Is Diamond Platinumz Dead Or Alive must not believe in any fake news about his death. 

Disclaimer: This post is prepared by taking information from different online sources. The death news is fake and readers must not trust any such rumors about his death. 

In a nutshell

Wrapping up this post here, we hope you got the truth regarding the death rumors of Diamond Platinumz. Diamond is alive and completely safe as he and his colleagues safely escaped from the elevator. The elevator malfunctioned while he was in with his colleagues. You can reach out to this link to learn details on Diamond Platinumz.

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Is Diamond Platinumz Dead Or Alive: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Who is Diamond Platinumz?

Ans. Diamond Platinumz is a well-known Bongo Flava artist, businessman, and dancer from Tanzania. 

Q2. What is the real name of Diamond Platinumz?

Ans. The real name of Diamond Platinumz is Naseeb Abdul Juma Issack. Diamond Platinumz is his stage name and he is popular by this name only.

Q3. Is Diamond Platinumz dead?

Ans. There are rumors about Diamond Platinumz’s death. The rumors started after Diamond Platinumz posted a video of him with his colleagues stuck in an elevator while it got malfunctioned.

Q4. Is Diamond Platinumz Dead Or Alive?

Ans. Diamond Platinumz is safe and alive. The rumors about his death are fake.

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