Is CBD Good and Safe For Dog- All Detailed Information

Is CBD Good and Safe For Dog- All Detailed Information

In the past few years, CBD has seen a rising trend and every 3rd person is aware of the benefits of using CBD and CBD products. It’s possible that you already know someone, be it a friend, parents, or grandparents, who use CBD to treat symptoms of problems like depression, chronic pain, etc.

And even if you don’t you are probably already aware of the uprising trend of CBD and its use in medicine instead of adult use. It is rapidly becoming the new normal in today’s society and its wellness. And this level of CBD is not far away from your pets either.

With as many health benefits as CBD has, it is no surprise that people want to stretch it into the lifestyle of their pets also. Cause; of course, why not use it to ease their anxiety and other disorders? But the question here is,

Is it even safe to give your dog CBD or use its products on them?

Well, we do have to start with the short end of the stick, as there is no deep research or evidence on the effects of CBD and its long-term use on dogs. But there is a ray of hope provided to us by a dog owner who did use CBD oil on their pet for their benefit and gave a review on their experience.

Other than that, it is important to keep in mind that proper and careful use of CBD rarely causes adverse effects. But there are a few things that you need to keep in mind like different CBD products can cause different effects and not every product is the same. This is why you need to make sure you give your pets a selected range of CBD products that are created specifically for them.

Some of the things that you can keep in mind while choosing CBD products for your dog are:

  • What is the origin of the hemp plant and its production?
  • It should have clean ingredients.
  • Is it pure hemp-derived CBD?
  • Is the product tested by the lab to be free of THC?
  • Does the product contain a safe quantity of CBD for pets?
  • Are there clear serving instructions?

And so on, if you make sure you have every information of what you are feeding your pet you can keep your pet safe even in case of complications. 

But what are the benefits of giving your dog CBD and its products?

We know that humans take CBD to deal with chronic pain, inflammation, and many incurable diseases but that is not the case with dogs. CBD has a completely different set of benefits when it comes to dogs. For example, CBD oil helps dogs with the following issues:

  • Noise sensitivity caused by thunders, fireworks, or that next to a house party
  • Health and wellness of dogs
  • Mobility support for them
  • Separation issues
  • Stress relief
  • Lifestyle support

What is the best way to feed CBD to your dogs?

  • Tinctures

CBD oil in the form of tinctures is one of the most common ways of feeding CBD to your dogs. These are common because CBD oil tinctures are fairly easy to give to your dog. Dropping a few drops of CBD oil in their favorite food is one way to go about this.

  • Treat

Which dog doesn’t like treats? It is the perfect way to give treats formulated with CBD oil to your dogs. It is not at all difficult to make your dog eat them, all you have to do is open the treat’s packet, and your pet will come running to you with their tails wagging.

  • CBD peanut butter 

Another great way to give your dog CBD is peanut butter infused with CBD oil. It is a really simple, easy, and convenient way indeed.

There are many other products that you can buy according to your region like with the help of your marijuana card in Oklahoma you can buy and possess a certain amount of CBD oil or other products.

But make sure you talk to a veterinarian before you introduce any kind of CBD product to your dog.

What are the side effects that you need to look out for?

  • If you are giving CBD-related products to your dog, you might want to look out for these signs.
  • In case your dog shows increased thirst it means they are having dry mouth due to decreased saliva production.
  • Monitor for low blood pressure in your dogs
  • Drowsiness is also a side effect that you need to observe

Such signs show that you are serving more than the needed/ recommended serving size of CBD to your dog.

Final words 

CBD can provide some health benefits to your dog but still, a recommendation from a marijuana doctor or veterinarian is important. Don’t blindly feed your dogs or pets with CBD without knowing its repercussions and effects just to follow the trend.

And although you can’t get a medical marijuana card for pets you can search for a medical marijuana card in Oklahoma to get one for yourself and buy CBD with it.

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