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Is Cancer Causing Dry Shampoos: More dry shampoo products contain cancer-causing chemicals than previously thought, research finds.

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Shampoos are essential as they help and care for hygiene. as per a trending report, cancer-causing chemicals are found at a great level that has created troubles in dry shampoo derivatives.

Widely users from the United Kingdom, United States, and many other parts of the globe are asking Is Cancer Causing Dry Shampoos? We will find out further in this post how far these high-level benzene-composed dry shampoo products are circulating or harmful. Stay tuned for complete genuine details.


Cancer-causing chemical in dry shampoo – a fact check!

A new report by Valisure, an independent laboratory, indicates it has been detected in more dry shampoo brands and batches. Several aerosol dry shampoo products – including those from Dove, Nexxus, Suave, TIGI, and TRESemmé – were voluntarily recalled due to their potential presence of benzene just last month.

What’s in the Lab reports in context to Is Cancer Causing Dry Shampoos?

According to Valisure, the lab described that 70% of dry shampoo samples tested showed “quantifiable” levels of benzene among 148 batches from 34 different brands in a citizen petition sent to the US Food and Drug Administration on Monday. The report indicates that 11 samples showed benzene levels ten times higher than FDA drug limits of 2 parts per million (ppm).

“ Nevertheless, the dry shampoos tested do not contain any active pharmaceutical ingredients, and therefore any significant detection of benzene could be considered unacceptable. A study for Is Cancer Causing Dry Shampoos by Valisure has also shown that benzene levels can be analyzed directly through air samples taken after spraying dry shampoo products, indicating that benzene levels can be high enough to cause short- and long-term inhalation exposure. 

As part of the FDA Citizen Petition, Valisure’s chief executive officer – David Light, and Qian Wu – Valisure’s head of global analytics, have mentioned that this carcinogen was found in dry shampoo products regularly used indoors and in large volumes.

Check out The recall of many brands.

The petition calls for “expeditious recalls” of benzene products and better definitions of what are considered acceptable levels of contamination by benzene in other products. In reference to Is Cancer Causing Dry Shampoos, usually, it takes 180 days to receive a response to any petition from FDA.

A petition alleges that three lots of dry shampoo from the same brand contained sprays containing more than 100 parts per million of benzene. Further, some samples that were tested by Valisure have shown more than ten times the FDA’s maximum benzene concentration. Aside from dry shampoo, Valisure has also found benzene in sunscreens and hand sanitizers.

Reactions by the brands-

A statement from Church & Dwight, the manufacturer of Batiste hair products, conveys – “Consumer safety is of the utmost importance.” Further, in answering Is Cancer Causing Dry Shampoos, the brand contacted our propellant suppliers and confirmed that the fuels used in Batiste products did not contain benzene when propellants were reported as the benzene source in competitors’ recalled products. 

Another haircare brand stated, “We need to protect consumers; we are concerned about the recent publication of a report related to dry shampoo, bringing up questions about benzene levels found in propellent for aerosol products. This report is inconsistent with the data provided by our suppliers and the rigorous ongoing testing to make sure the safety and integrity of our products. These tests show no traceable amounts of benzene. We are committed to continuous evaluation to ensure our products’ utmost safety and quality.”

Final Words – Is Cancer Causing Dry Shampoos

Several deodorants and sunscreen products were recalled in the past year after benzene was detected. Benzene is a compound that can be formed naturally and from artificial processes. The difficult compound is challenging for various health issues, namely cancer. Comment your views about this compound. 

Is Cancer Causing Dry Shampoos – Faqs

Q1. What is the report says?

A news release from Valisure’s Light stated, “High levels of benzene in dry shampoos should raise significant concerns, given that these products are typically used indoors, where benzene may linger and be inhaled.

Q2. What are the natural sources of benzene?

Forest fires and volcanoes are the main natural sources of benzene. 

Q3. Is benzene naturally found in any compounds?

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, benzene can also be found in crude oil, gasoline, and cigarette smoke.

Q4. How are people exposed to this harmful chemical?

“Breathing in air containing benzene is the main way people are exposed,” according to the American Cancer Society.

Q5. What are the issues identified by Valisure?

The issues include the presence of benzene in hand sanitizer, body spray, and sunscreen.

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