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Is Blue Tack Consulting Scam Or Legit: Consulting Reviews, Consulting Careers!

Explore Is Blue Tack Consulting Scam Or Legit through its genuine Reviews and Careers. Identify the scammers in the right direction.  

Are you looking for a fantastic job opportunity for yourself? What if the promise of a dream job turned into a deceitful trap? In recent times, job seekers have been targeted by scams offering enticing opportunities in the name of Blue Tack Consulting company.

Job seekers are failing to identify the scammers due to reputed names linked to them. Read further and learn, Is Blue Tack Consulting Scam Or LegitGet a clear understanding to make a firm decision.

Details to learn: Is Blue Tack Consulting Scam Or Legit?    

Recently, duping people have lured innocent job seekers by offering them well-paying jobs they can do from home at Blue Tack Consulting. The individual pretends to be part of the Blue Tack Consulting team, fooling job seekers with fake messages on social media and chat apps. 

They use the Blue Tank Consulting Company’s good name to exploit people looking for jobs in Blue Tack Consulting Careers

Details to learn Is Blue Tack Consulting Scam Or Legit

It is a sneaky trick that shows why we must be careful and check things before believing them. Let us briefly review what people say about the original site.

Blue Tack Consulting Reviews

The original Blue Tack Consulting feedback is scarce due to its niche focus, but available feedback suggests a positive reputation. Clients have praised the company’s effectiveness in winning state Medicaid contracts through strategic proposals. 

While there is limited negative feedback, the absence of significant complaints indicates a satisfactory client experience. It’s important to note that the positive reviews are specific to Blue Tack Consulting’s services and not related to the fraudulent job scams exploiting its name. 

To understandIs Blue Tack Consulting Scam Or Legit? Let us dive deep to know about the site in detail.

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Overview of Blue Tack Consulting

Overview of Blue Tack Consulting

  • Blue Tack Consulting specializes in Medicaid consulting and technology services.
  • Founded in 2014, the company is based in Mount Pleasant, SC.
  • It is led by experienced founder Kathy Ryan, who has 30+ years of experience in Medicaid consulting.
  • Active on LinkedIn since 2014, sharing relevant industry content.
  • The company has a professional website with a real business address.
  • Blue Tack Consulting Careers offers opportunities for staffing and recruitment in the Medicaid tech landscape.
  • No severe complaints or fraud allegations were found in the research.
  • Services include strategic consulting, proposal support, and staff augmentation.
  • A legitimate business entity registered in South Carolina.
  • Positive client Blue Tack Consulting Reviews highlight success in winning state Medicaid contracts.
  • Competes with other niche players in the Medicaid consulting space.

Staying Safe from the Scam

Individuals should remain vigilant and recognize red flags to avoid falling victim to the Blue Tack Consulting job scam. Unsolicited messages, unrealistic pay promises, requests for personal information, and upfront payments are common warning signs. 

Always verify the legitimacy of job offers and websites before engagingIs Blue Tack Consulting Scam Or Legit? Stay cautious and conduct thorough research to ensure authenticity.


  • No Twitter or Reddit are present for the Blue Tack Consulting Scam 


In conclusion, the detailed analysis suggests that Blue Tack Consulting is a legitimate company specializing in Medicaid consulting and technology services.

However, it’s crucial to differentiate between the genuine services provided by Blue Tack Consulting and the fraudulent job scams exploiting its name. Individuals should remain vigilant and recognize red flags to discern the legitimacy of job offers.

Would you like to verify Is Blue Tack Consulting Scam Or Legit? Share your points in the comments. 

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