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Is Berry Max A Scam: Check Complete Information On Berry Max Trading Platform

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Most of investors of token was from South Africa, Botswana, UK, Rwanda, and USA. While its parent company, FS Global, is trying to retain its customers by posting daily updates on Telegram. CEO of Non-Bank Financial Institutions Regulatory Authority, Botswana, issued public notice that does not have licence to provide/trade virtual assets!

Did you know that withdrawals on were stopped? So, let’s analyze Is Berry Max a Scam?


About Berry Max Scam:

The public notice was issued by NBFIRA on 12th/December/2022, indicating that crypto trading platform is an unlicensed virtual asset service provider. However, continued to gain investments from thousands of investors. platform was registered for one year on 13th/June/2022 and will expire on 13th/June/2023. It is a high alert signal as one month before expiry of website’s registration, stopped withdrawals! Major development started on 2nd/May/2023 when investors noticed that they could not withdraw their funds. used to allow minimum of $10 to maximum of $1,000 withdrawals within 24-hrs. Amid investors’ worries, Berry Max Trading Platform tried to prevent havoc by officially publishing a notice on platform that is getting upgraded and due to technical issues, deposits and withdrawals were temporally suspended. got some time to cope by publishing such notice. But, situation got out of control as even after 20-days, issue was unresolved, and this time, it had hurt confidence of its investors.

Further preventing havoc among investors:

Finally, on 12nd/May/2023, published message that it is getting rebranded as BERRY MAX and its tokens will be listed as BRY with an option to back them up with BERRY MAX INSURANCE (BMI tokens), which clues Is Berry Max a Scam. As upgrades went on, at least 23 Zoom meeting invites were posted on Telegram to make investors aware of changes. informed its customers that it is taking strict measures to prevent fraud. As a result, it announced that several unauthentic accounts would be deactivated by 23rd/May/2023. Such accounts include fake trading accounts, multiple accounts held by single individual, accounts that did not have any activities for long time, Etc. provided an opportunity to reactivate investors’ accounts that did not have any activity for long time.

Ponzi schemes:

With announcements about deactivating several fraudulent accounts, which is considered to check Is Berry Max a Scam, announced bonuses and promotions for staking BRY tokens. It offered 10-times valuation increase, 30% Member Appreciation Bonus, and access to quick buy options and withdrawals after converted to BERRY MAX tokens on 23rd/May/2023.

Further, announced that it is focused on stabilizing BRY tokens as investors may sell BRY tokens and withdraw money due to recent development and rebranding. Hence, platform offered several promotions to stake BRY for next 90-days!

The promotions informed that investors would receive 100 USDT commission on unlocking 5 BRY after staking period and option to buy and sell BRY freely, clueing about Is Berry Max a Scam? BRY platform goals aimed at 20% increase in BRY token/month, 20% increase in 24-hrs trading volume, 50% increase in performance for two consecutive months. Thus, promotion covers period of 3-months (90-day staking period).

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Conclusion: website is currently inactive, and in several regions, it populated 404 page not found error! Updates are provided via Telegram only. By this, you might have understood that is getting shut down but still trying to accumulate as many investments as possible by offering promotions for staking and by disabling withdrawal options! Hence, BERRY MAX seems illigitimate.

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Is Berry Max a Scam – FAQ

1Q. When will close?

It is anticipated that may close within specified 90-day BRY staking period. 

2Q. What are positive signs that is NOT a scam?

  • does not offer to get rich quickly schemes,
  • It only provides trade signals and does not trades on investor’s behalf,
  • It provides daily updates and arranges Zoom meetings,
  • It has strict registration process and deactivates fraudulent accounts.

3Q. Is investing in BRY a good decision?

It is advisable to wait for few months before investing in BRY, and initiating withdrawals (ASAP once option is available) is advisable due to ongoing developments.

4Q. Is Berry Max and Nasdaq (or) BRY and listed?

No, they are not listed on NASDAQ. Company listed under NASDAQ under trademark berry is different entity.

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