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Is Amy Dowden Related To Brian Conley?: Find Information On Husband, Relationship and Family

In this article you will learn Is Amy Dowden Related to Brian Conley? Also know about Amy Dowden Husband, Relationship and Family.

Do you know Amy Dowden? Is Amy Dowden Related to Brian Conley? The Come Dancing stars are trending after their reunion at a Christmas Party. Amy Dowden and Brian posted a video on social media that let the fans excited about their reunion. Many people from the United Kingdom are curious to know about the ex-contestant of the Strictly Come Dancing show who has made an appearance with her dance partner after a long time. In this post, we will discuss all the details of their connection.

 Is Amy Dowden Related to Brian Conley? 

Amy Dowden is a well-known professional dancer who has been trending since she posted a Christmas video. Amy Dowden and Brian Conley posted a video on their Instagram in which they are at a Christmas party with their partners. In the video, the couple wished everyone for Christmas. After she posted the video, many of the fans got curious about it. 

Amy Dowden and Brian Conley were partners in the British dance show Strictly Come Dancing in 2017. Later, Amy decided to leave the show for a while as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After that, the dance partner made an appearance in the video on instagram.

Who is Amy Dowden Husband?

Amy Dowden was married to Ben Jones. The couple tied the knot in 2022. Amy’s husband Ben Jones is also a dancer. Amy and Ben met through dance only. The couple are also champions of British National Latin Dance. People started searching about Amy Dowden Husband, after she posted a Christmas video of her with her husband along with Brian Conley and her partner.

Many people on social media got excited about their bond. Amy Dowden had to take a break from Strictly Dancing as she has gone through many health issues this year. She has kept her fans updated with all her health issues. 

Amy Dowden Relationship and Family

Amy Dowden was born on 10 August 1990 in Caerphilly, Wales. Amy’s parents are Gillian Dowden and Richard Dowden. As per the online reports, Amy has twin sisters and a brother. In 2022, Amy Dowden got married to a professional dancer Ben Jones. Amy Dowden had partners in the past but in July 2022 she got married to her Ben Jones. 

The family of Amy Dowden includes her parents, siblings, and her husband. No further details are revealed about the Relationship and Family of Ben Jones as he usually keeps his life private. People are looking for the relationship between Amy Dowden and Brian Conley but as per the reports, the two are partners in the dance show.

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What happened to Amy Dowden?

Amy Dowden announced in May 2023 that she is suffering from breast cancer grade. She had gone through a mastectomy. She then adopted another type of cancer which she revealed in July. She went through Chemotherapy due to which she was not able to take part in Strictly Come Dancing 21. She got united with her dancing partner and people started searching Is Amy Dowden Related to Brian Conley? 

After fulfilling the first round of Chemotherapy she caught sepsis. In 2023 November, she revealed that she got her foot broken due to which she won’t be a part of the series. This year has been very upsetting for the dancer as she has gone through a lot. She made an appearance in the show with a bald head and many people tried to find out about her on the internet. 

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In a nutshell

Summing up this article here on Amy Dowden Husband, after Amy Dowden and Brian posted a Christmas video many of the fans got curious. Brian was Amy’s partner in the dance show in 2017. Amy had to leave the show for a year as she was diagnosed with breast cancer. After she posted a video with her dance partner, the fans got excited about it and started searching for their relationship. You can visit this link to grab more details on Amy Dowden.

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Disclaimer: Amy Dowden is trending because she posted a Christmas video with her dance partner. The fans are thrilled after watching their videos with their partner. We have collected all the information from various online sources. 

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