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{Updated News} Is Alan Jackson Still Living: Is Alan Jackson Really Dead Or Alive?

Uncover the shocking facts about a big trending plot of internet scams featured this November. Also, learn Is Alan Jackson Still Living.

The fake news about the death of the famous musician Alan Jackson was made viral on social media in the third week of November. Alan’s fans in the United States, Canada, and Australia were shocked upon reading news about his death. But, our analysis found that the viral news is a part of a big scam, probably plotted by a single scammer.

Let’s uncover the racket related to Is Alan Jackson Still Living hoax.


Is Alan Jackson Death?

No, Alan is alive and in good health. A review of his Twitter pages shows the latest post from 15 hours ago (as of writing). There was no official confirmation about his death on his social media accounts (we have provided the links for Alan’s social media pages below), official website, and Wikipedia pages. Further, his family, friends, and manager did not notify about his death or hospitalization.

Alan is well aware of the viral posts on the internet. However, to date, he did not respond to posts questioning Is Alan Jackson Really Dead? His fans were also concerned about his health as he was suffering from Charcot-Marie-Tooth (CMT) disease that affects and damages the peripheral nerves found outside the main central nervous system. Alan was diagnosed with CMT approximately ten years ago.

The reason behind the no response from Alan is unknown.

Viral Death news a big scam:

The news about Alan’s death was initially published on 15th November 2022 on several websites, including,,,, and It was followed by links to these websites being shared on Facebook’ FarmVille 2 – Active Players Country Escape’ fan page. Next, the Facebook posts were shared by FB users.

Is Alan Jackson Still Living

Yes, Alen is still living. But, several websites as mentioned earlier, published fake news about the death of Bruce Willis between the 15th to 17th of November. It was found that the picture posted for condoling Bruce Willis’s death was reused to condole Alan Jackson’s death but tagged with links to the earlier mentioned websites. Later, the picture was changed.

Further, it was also ascertained that some users from the ‘FarmVille 2 – Active Players’ group are posting such fake news. The ‘FarmVille 2 – Active Players’ group also shared the news about Bruce Willis’s death on 17th November and about Is Alan Jackson Still Living? It is not investigated and unclear if any person is related to the websites mentioned above and the ‘FarmVille 2 – Active Players’ Facebook group.

Social media links:


The news about the death of Alan is an attention diversion scam. It is an old technique used by scammers to inform about an urgent and vital issue so that users will agree to anything for reading such an article. Eventually, the users end up permitting the installation of third-party high-risk applications with malware. Alan Jackson is alive.

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Is Alan Jackson Still Living – FAQ

1Q. What was the tagline in the news related to Alan’s death?

The news was tagged – “6 minutes ago/with a heavy heart as we report the sad news of 64-year-old singer Alan Jackson.” It was found that the tag was copied from an old Facebook post where the family informed about the death of their mother.

2Q. Was a tagline included in the fake Bruce Willis death hoax?

“R.I.P Bruce Willis was confirmed by a doctor to be dead at 5 am, Goodbye and rest in peace!” was tagged. The tagline was again copied for old Facebook pages and included in posts related to Is Alan Jackson Still Living.

3Q. What clues about the website and Facebook pages behind the hoax call?

The,, and FarmVille 2 – Active Players pages shared the hoax news about Alan’s and Bruce’s death. 

4Q. Does Alan has a vast number of social media subscribers?

Yes, Allan has 5.5+ million social media subscribers. 

5Q. How many music records of Alan were sold?

Alan had sold 60+ million music records, which shows his vast fan base. 

6Q. Why is Alan targeted in Fake news?

For making a vast number of his fans to share the post, to get curious, and to create a sense of urgency to click high-risk links.

7Q. Why was the news ‘Is Alan Jackson Still Living’ circulated?

Massive internet traffic of Alan’s fans was redirected to third-party websites for installing applications with encapsulated malware on their devices!

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