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Irma Bule Death Video Reddit: Check The Details Of Leaked Video From Tiktok, Instagram, Youtube, And Telegram

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Irmawati’s death dates back to 4th April 2016. Hundreds of viewers witnessed her death during a stage performance. Irma was a resident of West Karawang, Indonesia. Indonesian by nationality, Irma had two kids – Mawar Putri Andriani and Bunga Putri Andriani. 

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About Irma’s death videos on

In 2016, the news about Irma’s death made waves on social media, with, TikTok, and YouTube being popular platforms. Twelve posts related to Irma Bule Death were found on 

The Reddit pages did not include the clips of Irma’s death. Instead, the trending news was taken advantage of by several unauthentic knowledge-based news websites to gain viewership. As Telegram is a private messaging group, the presence of Irma’s death video is unascertained. 

About Irma’s death during a live performance:

Irma was from a low-income family earning her living by performing dangdut singing and dancing. Her colleagues said they made $20 per performance and $25 for featuring snakes during their performance. 

Irma had done many goyang-ular (snake shake) stage and street performances during her lifetime. Thirty-one posts discussed Irma’s death, however, only fewer videos of Irma’s death were Leaked On Tiktok. Dancing while holding a snake and making it move was nothing new to her.

Unfortunately, on 4th April 2016, during a stage performance, Irma was wearing a sky blue color soft net skirt. She was holding a white snake in her hand. In error, she stepped on the tail of a cobra, which bit her on her thigh. She kneeled on the stage. Fourty-nine videos related to reviews of Irma’s death were present on Youtube.

The snake catcher saw the snake bite and offered Irma anti-venom. But Irma refused and continued her performance by singing and dancing. After approximately 45 minutes from the time of the snake bite, Irma fell onto the stage and started vomiting. She was rushed to the hospital, where Irma was pronounced dead.

Controversies about Irma’s death:

Indonesian police investigated the incident. However, their findings were kept private.

No posts related to Irma’s death were present on Instagram. Maman, Irmawati’s uncle, speculated that her murder was planned because the snake catcher was changed before the stage performance. He was not the same with whom Irma used to work. In addition, the snake was not de-fanged before the performance.

Further, Eneng’s mother, Encum, said that for the stage performance, the snake catcher used to tie the snake’s mouth with duct-tape. However, on 4th April, the cobra’s mouth was not sealed as evidence from Irma Bule Death Video Reddit

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It is argued that Irma did not know there was a venomous cobra on the stage. Further, it is criticized that Irma should not have refused anti-venom. The stage scene showed neglect of the snake catcher, delay in providing first-aid, and hospitalization. Moreover, ignorance of security measures, including not de-fanging and not sealing the snake’s mouth, raises doubt.

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Irma Bule Death Video Reddit – FAQ

1Q. Is Irma’s death video available on the internet?

Yes, the video is accessible publicly on hundreds of websites. The first five seconds of the video showed the snake bite and Irma feeling the pain. 

2Q. What was the reaction of Abin?

Eneng’s father, Abin, did not comment much about her death.

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