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Iowa Child Labor Laws Bill: What Are the Poits? Know Vital Factors Now!

This post shares all the factors mentioned in the newly proposed Iowa Child Labor Laws Bill and its major cause of controversy.

Do you know the details of the recently proposed amendments in Iowa child labor bill laws and why it has become a trending topic on social media platforms? It is not uncommon for the government to introduce new laws through bills or amend the existing ones. 

But the amendment proposed for the child labor laws bill has been gaining the people’s attention in the United States. Please read the blog carefully to collect more information about the Iowa Child Labor Laws Bill and the kinds of responses it got from the public. Then, scroll down to learn more. 

Disclaimer: This post is written only for educational purposes and solely based on internet research. 


What does the proposed Iowa child labor bill state? 

The Republican Party senator Jason Schulz proposed an amendment in the child labor laws bill under Senate file 167 that would roll back the child labor laws. The bill states that children in between 14-17 are allowed to participate in hazardous jobs like freezers, meat coolers, etc.

 It also allows 16 and 17 years old to serve liquor with the parent’s or guardian’s permission. 

What Are the Child Labor Laws in Iowa?

The present laws prohibit children under 18 years from participating in hazardous jobs like mining, construction, or demolition works, operating machines or roofing operations, shearing machines and saws, working in slaughterhouses, and so on. 

But, at the same time, it allows 14-17-year-olds to outline jobs such as preparing and serving goods, carrying people’s groceries to their cars, bagging, and other clerical work. Teenagers are not allowed to work late at night, and it also prohibits minors’ entry into clubs or the consumption of liquor. 

Conditions for the latest updates in the Iowa bill

The Iowa Child Labor Laws Bill allows for prohibited jobs. Still, it regards significant exemptions to the students, like work-related programs, work-based training, and learning or school administered learnings with proper safety precautions and with mandatory terms and conditions, should not hinder student’s health, and the program should be school approved. 

What are exemptions from liabilities to students? 

The businesses are free from civil liabilities if the student is hurt on the job, injured because of negligence, or killed. A penalty of $10000 is to have complied in case of violation of any section of the Iowa Child Labor Laws Bill; it can be reduced or waived if it is up to the case undertaken. 

What are the responses received about the proposed amendments? 

The opposition parties, the child labor authorities, are not in favor of the bill’s imposition. Many are not happy with the new updates and calling it out to be rejected for being reprehensible and a crazy proposition. 

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Though this is only a proposed amendment and has not been approved yet, it has raised a huge debate in the country. 

What are your thoughts about this new bill? Tell us in the comments box. 

Iowa Child Labor Laws Bill: FAQs

Q1. What is the existing law of child labor? 

As per the present rule, children under 18 years are prohibited from indulging in dangerous labor activities. 

Q2. What are the new amendments of the Iowa bill proposed? 

It is proposed to allow children from 14 to 17 to work in dangerous jobs with proper training and supervision. 

Q3. Who proposed the Iowa child labor bill amendments? 

The Republican Party senator Jason Schulz proposes it. 

Q4. When did the new updates were proposed? 

It was proposed in February 2023.

Did the Iowa Child Labor Laws Bill get approved? 

It is taken into consideration but has not yet passed. 

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