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Inu Baby Lovely (Sep 2021) Token Price & Prediction!

Inu Baby Lovely post has information about a new crypto coin in the pre-sale stage and planning to list the coin in November 2021.

There is good news for cryptocurrency investors in India; the government has changed its stance on banning digital coins and formed a group to recommend steps to regulate the crypto market. At present, dealing in the crypto coin is a bit risky as all of it is done in the grey market. 

The news of the government tabling the crypto regulatory bill in the coming session has increased the interest of investors and retail buyers in digital currency Inu Baby Lovely, a coin we have chosen to discuss in this article.

About Lovely Baby Inu coin:

The lovely coin is decentralized finance deflationary in nature currency working on Binance smart chain blockchain. It was deployed on Binance on 17th September 2021 and is available for private sale till 30th September.

This coin is floated by lovely finance and has a plan of hitting 1 dollar by the year-end. The main strength of this coin is that they are deflationary in nature and hence will be in short supply after some time, either by burning the currency or resorting to a buyback plan. 

Inu baby lovely is not available on any major crypto exchange like Binance, Coinbase, and others, so to buy this token, one will have to visit its website.

Baby Inu coin price, supply, and market cap:

In the run-up to its listing on the crypto exchange, it has devised a pre-sale of the token at the different price, which we are listing below: 

  • Private sale- 20th to 30th September, Token price- .000000005$
  • Pre –sale around 1- 1st to 10th October, Token price – .00000001$
  • Pre-sale round 2-  11th to 20th October, Token price- .00000002$
  • Pre-sale round 3 – 21st 30th October, Token price – .00000003$
  • Crowd sales – 1st to 7th November, Inu baby lovely price – .00000004$
  • Listing on exchange – 10th to 15th November, price.0000001$

The total supply of currency is 100,000,000,000,000 at present no conclusive data on the market cap is available for this coin at present.

Lovely baby coin founder:

This coin is supported by a Lovely Finance group, and the team looking after this project consists of CEO Louis Baker, CTO Jonathan Rios, and developer Jason Morales.

Lovely coin prediction for the future:

As mentioned above, it is still in the pre-listing sale process, and one can purchase this coin at a price fixed by the developer. Once this coin gets listed, predicting the future price will become easy for the market expert.

How to buy Inu Baby Lovely Crypto Coin?

Since this currency is not available on any exchange is in pre-sale status, one should follow the below-mentioned steps to buy a baby token.

  • Visit the website babylovelyinu.com and click on the buy private sale button on the right side of the screen.
  • Connect the trust wallet with the company’s site.
  • The minimum BNB which should be purchased is .1, and buyers will get a given number of tokens depending on their BNB purchase.
  • There are a total of 2000 BNB available for soft cap, while 5000 is for the hard cap.

What are the pros and cons of buying Baby lovely coin?

If the developer can list Inu Baby Lovely as per their sale plan, investors are for a big gain, but there is always a risk factor in the pre-listing phase of the crypto sale. Investors and retail buyers should research this coin before investing in it on a personal basis.


  • What is the contract address of this coin?


  • What is the aim of the baby Inu coin developer?

They want to take the coin value to .01 dollar in six months.

It is DeFi deflationary-based meme coin.

Final verdict:

Inu Baby Lovely coin can give a great return for crypto investors if the developer’s plan is to be believed, but there is always an outside chance of scam, so make your decision with caution.

Crypto investor can share their experience in the comment section and give their opinion about the post below.

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