How To Plan An International Move From Miami

How To Plan An International Move From Miami

Moving to a different nation takes a lot of effort and planning, and you need to take into account more than just the best moving company. Due to the extra hurdles of the immigration system, border controls, international shipping, and other factors, it is more difficult to organize an international move than a cross-country one. However, if you have a good plan, you can move on without any problems.  

It is important to start planning early. For a traditional move within the same city or to a different state in the US, it is recommended to start preparing at least 8 weeks early, but since an international move involves documentation and clearance that can take weeks, it is best to start way before that. Here are a few tips to help you plan an international relocation from a city like Miami. 

Starting early allows you to get a head start and keep buffers for any issues or obstacles that may arise. If you have the time, it is great to begin preparations at least 6 months before you have to move. Of course, you can adjust the timeline depending on when your moving date is locked in. Still, the earlier you start, the better the move is bound to go. 

Start by looking up the country you are moving to if this isn’t already pre-decided. Read about its customs, laws, traditions, and ideal neighborhoods for ex-pats. Based on whether you are moving temporarily or permanently, sit down with a consultant to discuss visas, customs clearance, shipping of your belongings, and other relevant information. 

  • Find a reliable moving company

Once you finish the initial research, your next query on Google needs to be Miami international moving company near me. The requirements for a service provider that will assist your out-of-country move are obviously much different than that of a local mover. A professional and well-established mover will take care of the complete logistics of your belongings from Miami or any other city to your destination. 

Some of the factors that you need to evaluate include:

  • Charges: Ensure you get a quote from a few shortlisted, reliable service providers. Be careful that the company doesn’t sneak in some hidden charges that inflate your bill considerably at the end of the move,
  • Reputation and expertise: Word-of-mouth from people in your trusted circle who have been through a similar process is the best way to assess these parameters. In case there is no one of the sorts around you, go online and check customer reviews about the company on various websites,
  • The services they offer: An international move is already a hassle, so it is imperative to know what kind of services the company you are considering will offer. The best international movers are 360o solution providers that pack, load, ship, clear, and deliver your belongings to the destination without any hiccups of an unprofessional nature. 
  • Communication and customer satisfaction: Take the time to meet with the company’s representatives you are looking to hire. Judge how invested they are with their customers and their tendency to communicate expectations. 

All this may sound excessive to some people, but it is important because you are entrusting some valuable possessions to the company for a move thousands of miles across an ocean. You wouldn’t want to randomly jump in without vetting them properly. 

  • Talk to an immigration consultant

Visiting a foreign country for a few days is different from living there on a short- or long-term basis. You need specific documentation to reside in a country, even if you can travel there visa-free on your US passport. This is where an immigration professional can offer excessive information and guidance to help you plan better and streamline the moving process. 

A consultant will allow you to understand some of the specific immigration requirements, relevant laws, documentation procedures, healthcare and medical assessments needed beforehand, and various other policies you may need to deal with. Immigration experts are just as important as a reliable international moving company especially when you are not relocating alone. Put in the same effort to find the best one.

  • Look for appropriate housing options

Setting up where you’re staying from a different country could be harder than you anticipate. Thank goodness, there are relocation specialists and realtors who can assist you in finding accommodation that suits your requirements. Whether you’re looking for short-term housing or permanent residence in a foreign nation, leave the search to experts who are familiar with the local regulations and housing markets.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t look around on your own. You can find the city or area within the town you like or where you already have friends. You can search for appropriate listings online to get an idea of what you can expect to pay depending on whether you want to rent or buy. Either way, you can go to the realtor with your researched options to save both sides some time. 

  • Arrange documentation for everyone moving with you

If you are relocating alone, things are much simpler, but when a family is involved in the process, the paperwork multiplies automatically. All of you will need passports and appropriate visas to begin with. In case you are moving to a country that doesn’t allow visa-free travel to US residents, you may need to apply for one with relevant documents. 

Some of the common documents needed for visas include:

  • Birth certificates/adoption papers for all children
  • Previous school records for a certain period
  • Driver’s license and marriage certificates
  • Healthcare, medical and dental records
  • Divorce and child custody documents, if applicable
  • Social security card

There can be other documents needed as well depending on various other factors like whether you are moving permanently or temporarily, what the respective country’s immigration laws are, if you have a certain condition that can complicate your case like outstanding debts or other liabilities etc. Either way, it is best to know what you need beforehand. 


Moving to a new country may sound exciting, but the lengthy processes and hassles it involves can make the whole thing considerably less fun. You can address this issue by simply being proactive and planning in advance. It won’t hurt you at all. All it takes is a little time and effort, but the payback in streamlining and fully enjoying the move is worth it.

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