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[Updated News] Instagram Spotify: What Is This? What Is Presented By It? Checkout The Latest Facts!

Today’s post is on Instagram Spotify assists visitors in learning about an application that may help them create their festivals.

Did you notice people sharing an eclectic array on Instagram? You might have seen your buddies and other prominent figures Worldwide share a wide variety of look-to-be lineups for music festivals.

Briannafest isn’t the newest and best festival to make an appearance on the East Coast.

It is Instafest, an application aiming to estimate the cost of your custom festival depending on your musical preferences. So, read more about Instagram Spotify in this post below.

Disclaimer: Our motto is to provide general information to the readers. We do not promote any applications or innovations.

Which application was recently developed?

Anshay Saboo, a computer science student from Southern California University, Los Angeles, developed the Spotify-compatible application called Instafest. This application is dependent on your listening preferences on Spotify. 

Therefore, a Spotify profile or account is necessary to use the application. It is similar to the year-end function Spotify Wrapping (the 2022 version is on the road).

How to use the Instafest application?

You must initially visit the Instafest application and log in with your Spotify profile. Following that, you are given some choices for the layout of your music festival notice Presented By Instafest App, like “Mojave twilight,” “LA Twilight,” and “Malibu sunrise;” for the latter, think Coachella.

When you don’t wish the account to appear publicly once you post it, you can hide your Spotify identity at this time. Additionally, you must decide whether this festival would depend on your Spotify viewing patterns over the previous four, six, or all-time periods.

Also, you may receive up to three-day festival selections based on how much listening experience you have. Everybody is perfectly acceptable, including live and deceased artists, current and former members of bands broken up, and band together.

What Is The Instagram Of Spotify?

The visuals depicting a festival lineup might have been shared on your friends’ stories on Instagram. These unique graphics are created with Instafest. There are occasionally innovative methods to get a rundown of the Spotify playlists you enjoy.

Like those Spotify Pies from June 2022 that displayed a pie chart of your music preferences in different colors? Comparable to Bonnaroo or Coachella lineup releases, Instafest offers your findings in a picture that closely resembles those declarations in place of a color-coded chart.

How to find an Instafest app?

You can type “Instafest application” into your preferred internet browser to discover the Instafest application. You will be prompted to log in using Spotify, Google, or Facebook based on which networks your Spotify account is linked to. The Instagram Spotify application will create a picture of your ideal festival lineup after registering and granting its accessibility to your Spotify data.

Lastly, you can choose a title for your festival. It will simply activate “festival” once your Spotify account is in this area; however, you may alter it to somebody more original when you’d like.

After you’ve customized your Instafest to your preference, click “Save and Share” to view the final lineup. Now you can save it to your photographs. You could then email it to share it with your group chat to contrast findings. Also, you may save it for yourself to create your ideal Coachella lineup. Uploading it to your story on Instagram will let your fans know that you have exceptional music preferences.

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A new Spotify-based application, Instafest, was recently developed for Instagram users to let them choose artists based on their listening history. Also, when unsatisfied with the generated image, you can select from the available customization choices.

Did you try Instafest recently? Post your experience with the application in the box below.

Instagram Spotify: FAQs

Q1. Which Spotify-based application was recently developed?


Q2. Who developed Instafest?

Instafest was developed by Anshay Saboo, a computer science student from Southern California University, Los Angeles.

Q3. Where to find the Instafest app?

You can check Instafest’s website, tap on the green tab to sign in with your Spotify profile, and log in.

Q4. How to use the Instafest app function?

Spotify’s users may create a festival lineup banner using their music-playing history through this third-party application.

Q5. Where can you view  Instagram Spotify?

You can visit Spotify’s website on your PC or phone to view Instafest.

Q6. How to locate your Spotify lineup?

You must log in to your Spotify account, go to and tap on the three dots in the left corner.

Q7. Who is the most streamed artist on Spotify?


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