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Please read this post on Industrial Write for Us to learn about all the information related to writing articles on our website.

Do you know industries? Are you willing to express your knowledge to the world? If yes, then we present to you a life-changing opportunity. Our company currently accepts bloggers to write about their views and experience on our website. If you are interested in Industrial Write for Us, please read this article to learn about the terms and conditions of our website. 

About Rationalinsurgent

We at rationalinsurgent provide articles and write-ups on different topics and daily issues. We aim to make our articles easy to read and understand so that even a layman can understand the topics and grasp knowledge.

Some of the topics on which we publish articles are business, health, money, cryptocurrency, product and website reviews and many other day-to-day topics.

Rules and regulations for Write for Us + Industrial

Writers must keep in mind the following guidelines as they can help them in writing the desired articles. Some of the rules of the company are listed below:

  • We publish our articles within a word limit of 500 to 1000 words; writers should be careful to write their content within the prescribed word limit.
  • Bloggers always have to ensure that they do not copy content from another website; doing this can cause plagiarism, and we won’t have any choice but to cancel the article. We also suggest writers use various plagiarism tools to check their write-ups.
  • Always check your articles on Write for Us Industrial for grammar mistakes, as they can make the article look unprofessional. We suggest writers use grammar-checking tools to ensure the grammar score is more than 98.
  • Our company strictly prohibits false information, so if any writer is willing to write to us, we suggest they use only verified and authentic data on the write-ups.
  • Always try to make the article engaging and understandable by using a catchy title, bullet points, small paragraphs etc.
  • We suggest writers use at least one picture in their article on “Write for Us” + Industrial as it might engage and interest the readers in going through the article. 
  • Bloggers should always ensure that their content is free from hurtful or offensive words that harm the readers’ sentiments in any manner.

Suggested topics for writing for us

Writers can take inspiration from the following topics if willing to write for us.

  • What are the different types of industries?
  • How is the agriculture industry contributing to world growth?
  • What are the positive and negative points of the aviation industry?
  • How is the chemical industry affecting the environment?
  • Which Industry contributes the most to the GDP?

Who can write to us on Industrial + “Write for Us”?

Our company does not impose any certain qualifications for our writers. However, we expect our writers to have a good command of English and research skills. Writers don’t need to be professional writers, but they should be at least able to identify the true details of a topic and reject the false ones. 

How to submit articles to us?

It is very easy to submit articles to our website. Writers have to send their articles to our id team.rationalinsurgent@gmail.com. Then, after some time, we will review your article and respond within 24 hours.

Final words

To conclude this post on Industrial Write for Us, we have provided all the details that writers need to write their articles on rationalinsurgent. Please visit this link to learn more about Industry 

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